Saturday, October 01, 2005

'You have said it.'

I am minded of the fact that Islam teaches that each person will be accountable if they have been held as idols beside The God. When Jeheshua is asked/accused of being the Son of God he replies 'You have said it'. Jeheshua nearly always refers to himself as the Son of Man, Adam if you will. Surely the Templar would know that Ya Allah, begets not, nor was begotten, is infinite and absolute, Al Wahid, Al Quayyum 'Al Rahman Istawa Al Arsh'. Now if we were gonna get all Old Testament the Order of Angels called Beni Elohim, surely these are not material children, astagfir Allah, rather Angels who do Allah's bidding. I am minded of the blog in which I spoke of being cold in a corner with a voice telling me that the wind was a blanket that would grant me warmth in the cold. In retrospect I believe the voice was that of Raphael.

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Anonymous said...

just like to see what other people are thinking about, you talk about religon but i cant tell what your personal beliefs are, are you muslim? or christian? (the great and secret show was agreat book have you ever read "the stand?")