Monday, October 24, 2005

1st amendment, yeh right!!!

Thing is I know that certain Americans don't believe in this, unless you say what they want you to say, kinda makes a mockery of what they actually think of their constitution hey, at the higest level. As it happens I have signed the official secrets act (96/97 I think), and I have promised that should anyone ever ask me about giving firemans lifts or piggiebacks I will try and keep my mouth shut as long as possible. As for what I have gleened from the public domain, well guess what that is...public domain!!! It can quite easily be checked by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Seems they knew exactly what they were doing back in '86 hey. Now if I was asked have I ever been a communist I'd have to reply 'No.' Tho' sometimes I have been known to travel in company (unfortunate pun!!). I do however, as I have said before, value marxist critique having read Capital at the age of 18, very well crafted work, I do like dialectics. The thing is how will America and their single thinkers combat people becoming aware of dialectical thought now the cold war is over????

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