Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seems fitting for the economic times...

...and the lyrics...

"I'm standing alone
I'm watching you all
I'm seeing you sinking
I'm standing alone
You're weighing the gold
I'm watching you sinking
Fools gold."

...surely sums it up perfectly.

"When the doors of perception are cleansed... will see things as they truly are, infinite'; so writes Blake. So a buddy and mine were talking about the deceptiveness of time, that being our perception of it, rather than it in and of itself. Of course Blake and Huxley rank high in discussions of the subculture. Being nearly 40 this year, I have to wonder how the subculture is doing. It seems alive and well with my children, they seem ready to ponder any detail I share with them, they surely refract indigo light into the world. It seems that terra is at a cross-roads, perhaps even the bottleneck I have pondered these last years approaches...what lies beyond? How much can we save? Nothing left but to break on through...