Monday, October 31, 2005

That's him....

I recall during the summer of '04 I was dancing my blues away in a club in the Balearics. I probably shouldn't have overheard the two as they walked passed me and said 'that's him'. I wondered what the 'him' referred to, but thought I'd remain a little switched on and the veil would be lifted. Now as my 36th birthday approaches, some 6 hours away, I think that they probably know my Manchester family, and if I was betting whether it was Mater's or Pater's, I would wager it was Pater's, Mater's 'real' family being in the North East.

(P.S. whispers tell me, and they have been known to lie!!, I have a paternal half-sister, who keeps wondering whether I'm her half brother or half cousin)

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