Friday, October 28, 2005

The Muscovite state.

I was speaking with a family member concerning the expanding EU, and my comment was that I believed that in the scheme of things it may have been wise to have invited the Muscovite state first amongst Warsaw Pact nations, may have been a wiser route. As it occurs who knows which ways the regions within the 'Russian' Federation will face. I often say/think that the east Asians have more in common than apart, maybe that also applies to Europeans etc. (and who benefits from the differences!!!).

Exchange/investment banks and commodities/stocks/shares/futures companies in the Russian Federation given its proximity to Muslim Lands (they're bound to decide on a common currency one day!!!), China and East Asian Markets, and Europe may end up doing a roaring trade. Now if I was to ponder a sticking point for the future it would be usury banking, the whole point about investment banking is the risk, not covering your risks with usury.

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