Friday, October 21, 2005

I had an American wander pass me...

...and say 'we tried'. This from a person form country that will not sign up to the ICC and has the death penalty as public, pretty rich: the saying 'let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth' may be reversed in Europe for the public mental health, and with the mercy preached by Jeheshuah born in mind. I have whispered over the years these words 'Remember Nuremburg, remember the rallies, remember the trials!' Now for my ideas I make no apologies, nor for my actions. I like transparency, and so long as conventions are followed and correct authority obtained we have nothing to fear from the ICC.

(P.S. I remember the film 'the young Americans' and the theme 'I play dead'. Not my style unless I was gonna become a cleaner, practiced the 'ghost walk' some years ago, never was brilliant at Camouflage and Concealment...always a little too 'bookish'!)

(P.S. As an afterthought I had a conversation with a colleague today about the concept of suing. People had be pretty careful about prosecuting as in the process of litigation much information/evidence to come to light, whereupon the evidence becomes relatively 'public domain', allowing for the phenomena which could be described a cross/counter litigation. If I was deciding on such an action I would ponder what was in the 'public interest' the letter 'D' springing to mind.Like the axiom goes 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!')


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