Friday, October 14, 2005


Some years ago while distraught with the woes of the world, I wrote a letter and signed it 'Merlin'. This along with the transcripts of conversations probably touched some people, God be praised. In the next few years a charity was formed and named 'MERLIN'. It is now part of the DEC and fights for fair trade and an end to poverty in the third world along with many other charities. The thing is the letter was not written because of 3rd world people resident in the UK, it was written despite of them. Operative Merlin is not interested in foreign bourgeois being welcomed in the country of his birth, as he has said so many times, we have enough problems with our own. The last thing operative Merlin intended was for exiles to use his idea as a way to prove to those 'back home' how much they had been speaking up for their people while in exile/diaspora. Truth is most of them only care for themselves, sit on their arses, and get fat. The idea operative MERLIN proposed was for aboriginal people in the Third World to expect a longer, better, and more prosperous life.

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