Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I know it's meant to be the lass that organises a marriage, but... perfect day would be getting married in St Peter's in uniform, walking out under swords, with a blessing by an Anglican priest and witnessed by a Sheikh from Al Ahzar, with a registrar in attendence. Well there it is. Insha Allah. xx

So...just lay on my bed listening to tunes...all seems like some stupid delusion to be honest...but it would be nice if it ended up somehow being true. But me, cynical as hell, and then I have little tantrums to push the boundaries to see if someone actually likes me; in a saner moment, 'let's waste time'

Roddie McCrae RIP.

For Kiersten...

...edging out of the guardhouse... after the CTO mysteriously was cancelled it seems that you did receive my comms. After the Gladio exercise I had no clean underwear it seems, rather nice of them to box me off I thought 'Mind wrapped in a blanket' was their sig. 24 phonetics before a yankee goes zulu. xxx

Edging out of the guardhouse...and hopefully into barracks with my boy...

Mr Pancake by the home office looked over the moon.

To 'Katie' my new fixation...

Current signals received and understood. Will protect as many of H. sapiens as possible. Past signal was Dean Farrar; this world and the next. xx

Ronin have carried out sanction by Roman Law. Other agencies using black operatives be advised, it is incumbent upon you to indoctrinate black agents should there come a time when their operations risk their lives, black to white; black and white to green. As to 'speshul' people used in MK Ultra type operations, they have the protection of the law, and as such should be protected from cruelty or worse.

Renegade Ronin and Ninja had better have ghostwalked backwards.