Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Revisiting Targetting.

It was some months ago, long before the five weeks that my wife was in the Levant, that I was actively targetted by what I believe to be Israeli agents. Now I have been very clear about targetting, and I consider the gathering of HUMINT by such forces as an aggresive action, especially when they bring people in on the ground. I do not cooperate with IDF, MOSSAD, or BET' SHIN. Thus I take their action as a declaration of WAR, a war I did not declare. If they try and wriggle out citing 'but we are friends', true I do have some long term Jewish friends from before I recanted the Nicean and ceased to be part of a communion, however when it comes to the illegal zionist state, like the Italians like to say in the movies 'you're no friends of mine'. Now so long as Dhimmi pay their taxes, don't preach and don't target any of our people they should be safe in the European Caliphate, the moment they step further than that they only have their selves to blame for what occurs and can't hide behind ant-semitism.

(P.S. I am a son of Adam, and thus I was made man! I said I'd never call in some owed favours, maybe now is time to call in some debts, like the axiom goes 'more than one way to skin a cat'. This is not a preemptive strike, its returning fire.)


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