Monday, October 31, 2005

That's him....

I recall during the summer of '04 I was dancing my blues away in a club in the Balearics. I probably shouldn't have overheard the two as they walked passed me and said 'that's him'. I wondered what the 'him' referred to, but thought I'd remain a little switched on and the veil would be lifted. Now as my 36th birthday approaches, some 6 hours away, I think that they probably know my Manchester family, and if I was betting whether it was Mater's or Pater's, I would wager it was Pater's, Mater's 'real' family being in the North East.

(P.S. whispers tell me, and they have been known to lie!!, I have a paternal half-sister, who keeps wondering whether I'm her half brother or half cousin)

Friday, October 28, 2005

The Muscovite state.

I was speaking with a family member concerning the expanding EU, and my comment was that I believed that in the scheme of things it may have been wise to have invited the Muscovite state first amongst Warsaw Pact nations, may have been a wiser route. As it occurs who knows which ways the regions within the 'Russian' Federation will face. I often say/think that the east Asians have more in common than apart, maybe that also applies to Europeans etc. (and who benefits from the differences!!!).

Exchange/investment banks and commodities/stocks/shares/futures companies in the Russian Federation given its proximity to Muslim Lands (they're bound to decide on a common currency one day!!!), China and East Asian Markets, and Europe may end up doing a roaring trade. Now if I was to ponder a sticking point for the future it would be usury banking, the whole point about investment banking is the risk, not covering your risks with usury.

I imagine a scene...

...somewhere in NY where a Iranian diplomat walks into a room, and before sitting down to a torrade smiles wryly (a favorite word of mine have you noticed!!!) and winks at the Syrian delegation, now can they ideologically 'get out of the bath' and try some less pseudo Western ideology. Surely clerics should be an integral part of a Islamic representational sytem (funnily enough who are the moderates in Iran now) ;)

I remember during my BEF...

...I was walking along the southern coast of Europe having travelled with no money for some miles, living off kindness and when not even from bins. There was an airport to my left, and at some point an old man came and marched next to me, almost as if he had come out for that very purpose, or that was how it appeared to me. I walked passed an airport and as I walked a voice said to me in my head 'Are you tired?' 'Yes very' I replied. 'Are you hungry?' 'A little' came my internal reply? 'Are you run down, diorientated, scared?' 'Yes' my reply came again. 'Could you still lead an attack?' 'If I had to' I stated to my internal voice. 'Look to your left, see that Scandanavian plane about to take off...prepare to move...MOVE!!!!!!' and with that I gathered my little strength adjusted my backpack and ran toward an imagined enemy.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Considering the temporal.

I have been thinking about time today. My birthday falls in a few days and I recall a conversation I had about birthdays and the reason why they are not celebrated in the religion of Muhammad. The reason I came up with was that the Islamic year is lunar, not solar, and thus in relation to the movement of the seasons governed by the star at the centre of our system, a birthday calculated by the moon would not be constant (of course in the scheme of the life of a universe, a birthday really is a vanity, but I digress). There is of course another feature of solar years, and that is universally they may also not be constant. Our position in relation to our star is governed by the mass of our planet and the 'size' of the sun, and thus the length of a solar year is directly related to both these factors, and of course the existence of water in its liquid form. Maybe if I ever sail into the sea toward the stars and arrive at a new planet, the inhabitants will smile wryly at my watch saying 'How funny it has 12 numbers.'

Paradigm shift

I find that today I bring three Italians to mind. The first is Da Vinci, in part due to the book that talks of a code, but mostly because of his notebooks and the amazing inventions he could envisage years before their actual creation. Next I think of Galileo, and his attempt at bringing a paradigm shift in the cosmological and thus scientific paradigm of the time he lived within and his subsequent persecution by the powers at the time. Finally I bring to mind Gramsci, and of course his life and once again famous notebooks, and again persecution by the powers that be. I'm sure some would say that in the 21st Century things have changed, myself I have evidence that primitive thinkers rarely change throughout history, but as the knowledge of man grows, their wielding of their power will diminish. Real emancipation is the emancipation of the mind.
'Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.'
Jules Verne, French Author (1828-1905)

My symbiot tells me...

...that when the Latin speaking Romans first came across the Celts they exclaimed 'They speak like Dragons!'. Thus what is known to most as the British Nationalist Party with their Roman cross should know the aboriginal roots of themselves, that they are Celts, mixed with generations of settlers, but first, they were Celts, and those who dwelt in the cave watched. Thus let the nationalists in the north recall that at root they are not British, but Brigants, and always to err on the side of caution as to whom they call Dragons, especially when the people involved are of the religion of the last prophet.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I hear that due to what some would call whispers it was said that I recieved my religious and military training at a 'madrasa'. Well I guess that is true if you translate the english word 'school' into Arabic, actually it's the 'old school' not one in Pakistan/Afganistan. Now I heard that Bush yesterday idiot say on the radio 'Finish the job'. Most listening would think it was a general statement to his troops in the Levant. Those of us who know how this game is played knew straight away it was a message to his black op teams. He speaks of Islamo Faschism, dang, he better go take a good look in the mirror.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It was a little time ago....

...that the SIS said 'SS, let us introduce 'The Cleric''.


... the flags of the Caliphates meet. Having just posted about New Years day, the idea of coloured banners comes to mind. I think of the four flags of the Caliphates meeting over the Levant, When???? Shhhhhhhhh................


All is quiet on New Year's Day, a world in white gets underway, I want to be with you, be with you night and day, nothing changes on New Year's Day, on New Year's Day. I will be with you again. I will be with you again. Under a blood red sky, a crowd has gathered in black and white, arms entwined, the chosen few, the newspapers says, says say it's true it's true...and we can break through, though torn in two, we can be one.

What a strange name for a car...

Just saw a car on google called a Lincoln Marx, now there are two strange bedfellows. I tend to think that American cars are, how can one say this as politely as possible...garish (I wonder if that comes from the french???). If I had to drive one in would be in green, not racing, rather Lincoln. Kind of fitting wouldn't you say?

Sons of Jahweh

I suggest that if 'Sons of Jahweh' or other groups are currently operating against agents in the USA their command and signals must make available documents should they be brought before a court. Foreign intelligence agents working illegally in a nation are subject to the articles and conventions of WAR. I did not stand at ground zero and laugh, in fact I did not laugh at all.

Revisiting Targetting.

It was some months ago, long before the five weeks that my wife was in the Levant, that I was actively targetted by what I believe to be Israeli agents. Now I have been very clear about targetting, and I consider the gathering of HUMINT by such forces as an aggresive action, especially when they bring people in on the ground. I do not cooperate with IDF, MOSSAD, or BET' SHIN. Thus I take their action as a declaration of WAR, a war I did not declare. If they try and wriggle out citing 'but we are friends', true I do have some long term Jewish friends from before I recanted the Nicean and ceased to be part of a communion, however when it comes to the illegal zionist state, like the Italians like to say in the movies 'you're no friends of mine'. Now so long as Dhimmi pay their taxes, don't preach and don't target any of our people they should be safe in the European Caliphate, the moment they step further than that they only have their selves to blame for what occurs and can't hide behind ant-semitism.

(P.S. I am a son of Adam, and thus I was made man! I said I'd never call in some owed favours, maybe now is time to call in some debts, like the axiom goes 'more than one way to skin a cat'. This is not a preemptive strike, its returning fire.)

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Michael Bentine's potty time!!!!!

I was reading an article on the Regiment, and something that I found particularly interesting was the advice of Michael Bentine, that the threats of the future would be from terrorism and drugs. Anyone with eyes can see that this has come to pass. The article states that the I & SG then began from that date quoted as the late 60's as preparing for such possibilities. When I consider the I & SG I find it coincedental that I found myself within a triangle, that in later years I liked to think of as a platoon hide, listening to hip hop, reggae, and maybe just a little Soul Calypso. I like to ponder the idea of white and black agents. White agents are indoctrinated and have active awareness, black agents are people that are used without full knowledge of who they work for, in fact most often not knowing that they are working for an authority at all. It is incumbent on white agents to try and eleviate danger from black agents as much as possible, and should they awake to their status, they are offered options, new lines of employment, better investments, better products to trade. They are seldom asked for statements, as the people manipulating them have all the information that they required and the black agents remain without blame.

1st amendment, yeh right!!!

Thing is I know that certain Americans don't believe in this, unless you say what they want you to say, kinda makes a mockery of what they actually think of their constitution hey, at the higest level. As it happens I have signed the official secrets act (96/97 I think), and I have promised that should anyone ever ask me about giving firemans lifts or piggiebacks I will try and keep my mouth shut as long as possible. As for what I have gleened from the public domain, well guess what that is...public domain!!! It can quite easily be checked by any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Seems they knew exactly what they were doing back in '86 hey. Now if I was asked have I ever been a communist I'd have to reply 'No.' Tho' sometimes I have been known to travel in company (unfortunate pun!!). I do however, as I have said before, value marxist critique having read Capital at the age of 18, very well crafted work, I do like dialectics. The thing is how will America and their single thinkers combat people becoming aware of dialectical thought now the cold war is over????

J'aime les Dauphins

With it being the whole Trafalgar thing this weekend, and the plethera of white ensigns. I got to thinking of the the dolphins. I was first on a RN submarine some years ago. Having grown up in a port town, the lure of the sea, its sound, the sound of gulls in the air (call me Jonathan!!) brings back beautiful memories, even my old public school song states 'Not is some sheltered nook of inland rest and calm.' I love the sea, staring out imagining what may lie beyond, straining to see if one can see land. I guess some people think of dolphins and pleasure parks, glorified aquariums. Aha now aquariums, there's a word. That word reminds me of some time I spent in the Canary islands, where I believed I may have 'alpha'd' with some Naval Brigade. I had probably walked past Naval Brigade before during the cold war, having grown up in a major port town. Think I alpha'd some in Hull once too. I guess dolphins use sonic, whereas we, well we use the silent alif/alpha (by which I of course mean Alpha brain waves, the skill of the fish (babel fish of course!!!)). I hear that there are increasing numbers of Dolphins of the shore of Britain these days, maybe I'll take a trip one day and see if they alpha. I quite like Tom Clancy stuff, a little bit up itself, but hey. I recall that Red October thing, in later years made me think of my mother, born in October probably a bit red in her opinions. Myself I was born in a different month so If I was gonna play dolphin to dolphin with Mater, I'd be Blue November...hmm now which month was the Russian revolution again????

And Blue November sails back into port flying the 'skull and bones' (326) That'd be the Templar flag then hey ;)

(P.S. and I'm sure old Horatio if he visited me in spirit may ask me to speak momentarily in lieu of his presence, pointing out at the bottom of his arms are....well there's an odd coincedence, a moon and star!!!! What rank did our dear celebrated yet departed hero hold...erm, that'd be Admiral or as the OED states 'An emir or prince under the Sultan; any Saracen ruler or commander' c1250)

The Manchurian Candidate.

Firstly they should have renamed the remake 'The Arabian candidate' as it did not occur in Manchuria. In the original the spectre was of Marxist indoctrination/brainwashing, and thus I presume that Manchurian refers to 'Communist' China. I did however like the baddies being the British in cahoots with Arabs, right up my street given I am British and love Arabic tradition. Infact I would moot that the link between the two films might very well be a British family with two notable members, the family being Philby, the two notable members being St.John and his son Kim. I have thoughts on how such an operation could be achieved, but I don't think that this blog is the place to discuss theoretical physics.

I like to think of myself as a Tunisian candidate who reaffirmed his shahada at Al Azhar;)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

If ET exists....why don't we hear from him????

I think that this is probably the most cited proof that no extraterrestial intelligence exists. Myself I think that if they exist (and I'm pretty sure they do, like is said if they're not out there it seems an awfully big waste of space!) they would not really interfere with our development, a little like the 'prime directive' in star trek. They would however be interested in our development. So how could they observe us. Well we have the paranoia of 'the invasion of the body snatchers' and then we have 'symbiotic' life forms which are not parasitic, but at least neutral, maybe Commensalistic, and hopefully mutally beneficient as in the show 'Stargate'. Myself I like to ponder Shakespeare and his play 'As you like it' wherein he states 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.' Here is my reasoning that they be absent from our view, but very much 'here'. If a world exists outside our star system, maybe they watch us as we watch ants, from beyond their perceptions. The ants may sense we are out there, but not be able to see us. Thus maybe we are being watched, just from beyond our perception, probably watched in a cross between a drama and nature programme. I hear you ask how? Where are the cameras?? Well I propose that they are there all around us, just as Shakespeare posits 'all the world's a stage'. To develop the idea one must know a little about frame rates, and how the eye can be deceived. If technology existed to manipulate linear time, it would be possible to insert observation equipment as it were in the gaps/behind time, present then absent, quicker than the eye could perceive, then ET would sit back and watch a presentation similar to a cross between Richard and David Attenborough.

Like the axiom goes 'Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes!'

The Philosopher's stone and 'Defying Gravity'

I have just remembered a conversation had with a Physicist some years ago. I was staying a friend's mother's manor house near the south coast, and we were all sat around talking post supper. One of the guests was a scientist, and the conversation lead to the idea of defeating the earth's gravitational field. He told me of how two bodies acting upon each other could effectively produce gravity, and if a way to manipulate such forces was found then escaping earth's gravitational field would be achieved without recourse to what he considered primitive rocket propulsion. I thought about this, and some years later thought that maybe two (or more) aligned particle accellerators may be the answer. If two such devices could be syncronised to produce a 'lift' greater than the gravitational force of the earth, one would have achieved antigravity. Theoretically simple, but one would need a PhD in physics to make it work. The premise tho' is based on the idea that as an atom/particle approaches the speed of light, its mass increases. Thus something as small as an accellerated subatomic particle could have what would appear to have, from our position in the continuum, 'a mass approaching infinite'. Certainly enough to produce 'lift'.

Back in Black

I was just listening to one of my favourite ACDC songs, and I thought dang if ever they make a film about the Iranian Embassy siege, thats the tune to play as the CT squadrons fly in. With the release of the only terrorist to survive (ironically now being granted asylum!!! an irony which could be emphasised say during events leading up, i.e. in political discussions in cabinet), I think its about time that a film of the event is made. The song is like 4:14 long and it could play as the troopers fly in and enter, and begin their 'cleaning', and as the song fades the cold reality of what actually is occuring could set in as suddenly there is no music, no dramatic tension just the selective fire, fear and panic of when chaos meets order. If I was to moot a title it would be 'Prince's Gate'

(P.S. And the best way I can think of finishing it is with the trooper telling the PM to move her 'f**king head!' in Regents Park.)

Friday, October 21, 2005

I had an American wander pass me...

...and say 'we tried'. This from a person form country that will not sign up to the ICC and has the death penalty as public, pretty rich: the saying 'let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth' may be reversed in Europe for the public mental health, and with the mercy preached by Jeheshuah born in mind. I have whispered over the years these words 'Remember Nuremburg, remember the rallies, remember the trials!' Now for my ideas I make no apologies, nor for my actions. I like transparency, and so long as conventions are followed and correct authority obtained we have nothing to fear from the ICC.

(P.S. I remember the film 'the young Americans' and the theme 'I play dead'. Not my style unless I was gonna become a cleaner, practiced the 'ghost walk' some years ago, never was brilliant at Camouflage and Concealment...always a little too 'bookish'!)

(P.S. As an afterthought I had a conversation with a colleague today about the concept of suing. People had be pretty careful about prosecuting as in the process of litigation much information/evidence to come to light, whereupon the evidence becomes relatively 'public domain', allowing for the phenomena which could be described a cross/counter litigation. If I was deciding on such an action I would ponder what was in the 'public interest' the letter 'D' springing to mind.Like the axiom goes 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!')

Papa Papa, Peter Pan.

Having grown up in near a statue of Peter Pan and having been raised on the stories of Pan and Hook, PP means something to me. It means Peter Pan, and Patriot Patriot. It was then of no suprise to me when I saw a car parked outside a branch of Coutts with the registration of 'PP 3326', given that there was an office I had attended some years earlier just up from the branch, it did not strike me as coincendence. I thought hmm....three orange pips, better not swallow them. Anyone that knows their Hebrew alphabet and the keys to the paths of the tree, will know that the hook is the Emperor, and Pan...ET IN ARCADIA EGO!!!!!!

BOND is back!!!

I harbour pretensions to being 00 as anyone who grew up watching the films does, every school boys dream etc.. Actually I think that I'd make a better Smiley when I'm a little older (Little Tinker, Merchant Taylor, Soldier and a Spy), but as I use the name herein of the 'old man of the mountain' I like 00 designation as it reminds me of the order of the assassins, double zero being a Hashish from Magrib/Morroco. Now the last Bond was of Irish extraction and I think I heard the BBC say 'profitable' (QUIS SEPARABIT!!!), and this one is a scouser, who knows maybe the next will be a Lancastrian.

Warm, warmer, very warm, Eureka!!!!

Multi-culturalism is something you do.....

...not something you impose on a country to pacify politically correct idiots. Multi-ethnicity is a fact of life for many in modern europe (it may be that it has been that way for some years!). Myself I live in a multicultural household, and have children that would described as multi-ethnic, tho' when I asked my oldest to describe her ethnicity she chose the 'something special that has never existed before' category over the 'mixed origin' one.

The paradox for people out of bondage.

A subject came up today that has in fact been on my mind, so no suprise there then. It came about when a colleague said that he was pondering slavery, except this time with the 'blacks' as the slavers, his exact phrase was 'the other way around'. I quipped that if literacy improved within what some describe as 'Bass' i.e The Black Race, as a possibility that was not out of the question. Forever the one for political correctness (NOT!) I made the observation that without slavery the people of the Carribean, the long term Afro-American population, and certain 'Black' europeans (even if they are actually honey coloured) would not exist. He said that such a statement was a fallacious argument, adding that without the Roman Empire I would probably not exist, now I have no particular love for Romans (I was a Carthaginian at prep school), but his counterpoint argument is actually right on the mark. Without the Roman Empire I probably wouldn't exist, like Marley say 'If you know your history, then you will know where you're coming from'. Let me extrapolate, my mother's family arrived in the North West as a result of her maternal grandfather being kicked out of his family for marrying a Roman Catholic. The family was landed gentry, and although they had intermarried with Jews, Roman Catholics were more than the family could stomach. Had this not happened, in fact had any of my ancestors been absent from my tree, I would literally not exist, fact not fallacy. So the paradox for people who were taken as slaves is this. Without slavery they would not exist. The fact that something is not politically correct does not make it any less true. As I said argument pro and contra the historical phenomenon of slavery is a different subject entirely, but the ability physically and academically to argue the case has roots in slavery and anything else is naught but denial and like the axiom goes 'D' Nile' is not just a river in Aegypt. Most of the slaves originated in West Africa which when compared to the arabic speaking north and east (one may include Swahili in this and maybe Hausa in the West) and Amharic in the East were preliterate. I must state most strongly that this in no way is meant to be used as an excuse for brutal treatment of 'Negroes' during the slaving period, but as Bob Marley said

'He was taken from Africa, brought to (the) America(s), Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival, said he was a Buffalo Soldier, Dreadlock Rasta, Buffalo Soldier, in the heart of (the) America(s), If you know your history, Then you would know where your coming from, Then you wouldnt have to ask me, Who the heck do I think I am.'

(P.S. he also said 'If the cap fits, let them wear it')

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eton Rifles versus Artist Rifles.

I have been watching this conservative party leadership contest, and to be honest the last two are both good candidates in my opinion. I'm actually looking forward to the next election, should be fun. I of course will vote for the the dove, or is that a pigeon, or maybe even a pigeon hawk. I get to thinking about this whole Live8 episode, and of course this whole debt relief /fair trade debate. Thing is those pseudo socialists missed the boat. Now I may be a liberal but credit where credit is due, talking of pigeon hawks, we return to MERLIN, and there is no doubting that operation MERLIN was on blue watch. One might say that that the trading company is not so much 'Universal exports' as 'International Import & Export'. So while the labour party speaks of fair trade operation MERLIN is years ahead, using routes laid in history. Now I think social conservatism should let that cat out of the bag, a leak if you will, and when Blair tries to take credit for his third world policies, the civil service can smile and think MERLIN, and Major can adjust his garter. Now I think the operative expression is 'all change!'

The Italian Job.

I recall some years ago I was walking through Victoria station having just moved into SW1. This was the days pre the eurostar, and trains ran from Victoria to Europe. A man caught my eye, held it for a moment and then signalled up to the departure board which bore the destinations upon the mainland, like the axiom goes 'a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man'. Later that week I watched children in Albania scavenging for food upon a refuse site and felt empathy. I decided that as it was approaching the winter solstice/yuletide/xmas I would take a trip around the continent, a grand tour if you will, just without a GTI (This was about the time the idea for operation 'Platinum Eagle' was hatched). I departed from London using a prearranged route, and found myself in Rotterdam, and extended a thumb. From there I moved on to Germany, Hamburg then Berlin. From Berlin through Austria and the Dolomites where I spent a cold night, then on to Italy and Rome. They say that the Romans built straight Roads, well they certainly didn't start in Rome, one could say that the place is a labyrinth. I entered the Vatican, took up a small stone and drew a pentagram on one of the cobbles. Job done, or at least I thought. I walked out of Rome, noticing that the street signs bore the SIS on the back along with 'Comune di Roma', go figure. At that might have been the end of it, until I was detained by a couple of Italian police officers, I still have to figure out why they were so annoyed. Myself, I was in Europe having a 'nose' wearing issued green so as to follow the Geneva convention. Thing is the Italians can look closer to home for any trouble that occured while I was there, like in their own files. I, I was just having a nose, as is said 'nose to the left and eyes to the right: goat and sheep'. Most people think the 'Italian Job' is a Michael Caine film, me I'm not sure what it was, but I'm sure anything that occured was sanctioned by those who know. I do recall a relayed message on a Clansman radio when I was 15 during an exercise, the message went 'This is no longer an exercise, this is a fight for survival.' guess I'll whistle 'this is the self preservation society' and remember some of the people I met along the way on that Brief European Foray...aha, that'd be BEF or should that be BUF ;)

The Semantic Paradox of Ain Soph.

It seems only right to follow an enigma with a paradox, as the two are, so to speak, relatives if not bretheren. Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur are three qabbalistic veils that surround space, the first heaven if you will, creation. Its is then as if around our creation (i.e. that creation we live within.) there was a veil drawn covering the literal 'unseen'. When one considers that which lies beyond creation first one intellectually sees a void, Ain, nothing if you will. This then becomes limitless, a sea of possibility, one might even say a 'field' in physics speak. Then if one stares deep into the darkness one might 'see the light', Ain Soph Aur, the limitless light. Thus, 0, 00, 000. Now we come to the semantic paradox of which the title promised. An atheist says 'beyond the universe there is nothing, a believer on the other hand says 'beyond the universe is veiled from appears to me as nothing. Let us consider things, a cup is a thing, we have created it for a purpose, we have named it, we control it, we may measure it's dimensions and its volume, moreover its characteristics we decide on its inception and subsequent creation, it is a thing because we can comprehend it. God on the other hand does not fall into this category, he is as will be and as he was, in his true reality beyond our perceptions. If there are 'more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of' then surely the supporting origin of creation, the supreme architect of our creation is beyond quantification, and thus is not a thing. So here then is the semantic, the atheist says 'nothing' while the believer says 'no thing', Ain Soph as it were.

(P.S. Any student of the oral tradition will know that this paradox manifests in mystical thought of which there are two distinct schools. There is the school, atheist if you will that says the progression goes 0, 00, 000 whereupon the light breaks out in kether descending as a flaming sword down the tree to Malkuth. Then there is the position of the believer, that the progression goes 000, 00, 0, 1, where the light descends to a spark at kether, a big bang if you will, and the tree of life, the universe itself, comes into being as a plan of the supreme architect.)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Moses enigma.

Any scholar of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition will know of this enigma, and I do not claim any knowledge on this subject. Let us tho' consider the name that it is said the voice used. As it was reported to me it said 'I am that which I am'. This was the same phrase that seemed to so outrage the Hebrew priests when used by Jeheshuah. I think maybe the answer that I have come up with in regard to this enigma is this, tho' in truth it is more than likley beyond my understanding. The Quran states that when Muhammad is scornfully asked 'Why is the Quran not revealed all at one time?' he is told to reply 'It is revealed in stages so as to strengthen you!'. May the/an answer to the Moses enigma in fact be that the whole faith from Adam down to Muhammad was itself revealed in stages 'so as to strengthen you'? I have no verifiable answers, only questions. I am taught that with Muhammad comes a completion of a message.

Rogue Spears

Now people better take head to this blog. It came to my attention some years ago that Iran, and thus 'Hizb Allah' more widely probably had what one might describe as 'Rogue Spears'. This came to my attention while watching the Hizb Allah TV station 'Al Manar' which used the theme music from the Tom Clancy game 'Rogue Spear'. Now if the Iranians have 'Rogue Spears' as I suspect they may, or maybe even battlefield atomics developed in underground facilities out of view of satellites, it would be a serious miscalculation to 'invade' Iran. Let's face it if they have small battlefield atomics, they could have easily breached what we may call 'fourth protocol'. Now if people with a neo-imperial agenda invade Iran and get vapourised within their borders, that will not constitute a breach of any law, rather the right of a nation to defend themselves. Myself, I wouldn't send troops under my command into potential vapourisation. If America chooses the path of a pariah out of control state, and they get their men vapourised, they will have no-one to blame but themselves, and will have no recourse to use their ICBMs. I'm sure that the Secret Service will restrain Bush if he tries to tell them that God is telling him to nuke Iran. The UK might be reminded that an English Duke walked safely around Iran a couple of years ago in safety, to use 2005 London colloquial 'Dya get me?'

As a post script it is only fair to point out that the Islamic Republic of Iran did not sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1968, as the Treaty, and Iran's signing, predates the Islamic Revolution. Britain recognises the democratic concept of one parliament/regime being unable to bind subsequent parliaments/regimes.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Base.

I got to thinking some time ago while watching Farenheit 911, about the concept of 'The Base'. In F911 Bush says quite openly with a twinkle in his eye 'I just wanna thank my base'. Anyone who knows anything about US currency may ponder the dollar bill, with its Pyramid emblazoned. As President George W. is the apex of a pyramid which of course has a base. Now tell me if I'm wrong but there is another organisation which is called 'The Base' or to give it it's arabic name 'Al Qaeda'. An image in my mind is conjured, it is a celluloid image of a 'Company' man on a hill in Afganistan during the eighties, delivering 'stinger' missiles. Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories as all a conspiracy involves is people of an agreed agenda, (i.e. people agree to have a cup of tea; somebody brings the tea, another the cups, another milk, and yet another sugar, they have effectively conspired to make tea, especially if they are in a society where tea drinking is illegal!!!!) but I would bet that the concept of pyramids isn't foreign to Osama. Al Qaeda seem to really dislike Shia, which I'm not sure I fully understand when from what I read an Army under a black flag will descend from Iran to aid Imam Mahdi, well wouldn't you know we come back to the Iranian question. I have often accused the Saudi monarchy of being Ummayid Kings, maybe that is unfair, and maybe St. John/Adb' Allah, were he alive, would tell me to calm down. However I am sure that Osama is Ummayid if only ideologically, and I doubt he is Fatimad, but like the wise say 'Allah Alim'.

(P.S. now I like the geometric progression of 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 etc, especially when it comes to this blog, daath secretariat, and propaganda 1. My guess is that the US apex prefers 1,4,16. My guess is George W. wasn't great and math(s) or geometry....ah the good old 'G'.)

The Colo(u)r Purple.

I just watched Alice Walker on Hardtalk on BBC News24. She was asked about 'making it' as an Afro(Black)-American. She said that 'making it' meant diddly squat, when people could starve and dehydrate to the point of death in New Orleans, with 40 million people being 'functionally illiterate'. I remember a CD compilation I put together called 'Manumission' some time ago, with thought to the 13th amendment to the US constitution, kinda relevant when one considers the colo(u)r purple and universal suffrage. I recall a Public Enemy lyric, a band I loved as a yout', I even recall wishing Prof. Griff 'As Salaam Alaykum' while he was on Oxford Street, I just wonder if they still believe in 'Security of the First World' (S1W) given that so many in Dixie effectively still live in third world conditions. Mind you, Public Enemy were Yankies, and now the USA has a goddamn New England Yankee President pretending like he's a Southerner, my guess is he's naught but a wannabe young gun, running to daddy or daddy's friends when he gets in trouble.

'I got a letter from the government, the other day, I opened and read it, It said they were suckers. They wanted me for their army or whatever, picture me given' a damn - I said never. Here is a land that never gave a damn, about a brother like me and myself, because they never did. I wasn't wit' it, but just that very minute...It occured to me, the suckers had authority. Cold sweatin' as I dwell in my cell, how long has it been? They got me sittin' in the state pen. I gotta get out - but that thought was thought before, I contemplated a plan on the cell floorI'm not a fugitive on the run, but a brother like me begun - to be another one. Public enemy servin' time - they drew the line y'all, to criticize me some crime - never the less, they could not understand that I'm a Black man, and I could never be a veteran. On the strength, the situation's unreal, I got a raw deal, so I'm goin' for the steel.' (Public Enemy, Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos)

Like the joke goes, Bush got bored of only being able to kill 'niggers' one at a time as Governor of Texas, so he became President and started to kill 'sand niggers' by the thousand. Well I guess he had to do something to prove his 'rebel' credentials. Myself I like to ponder the parable of the sower.

Boycott the Sun!!!!

I won't continue to rant about the Sun (666, resurrection, source of life etc.), but scousers often say 'Boycott the Sun!!!!!'. Seems that the Sun think that he will be 'James Bland' well they would have it in for an LFC supporter wouldn't they. I watched another of his films called 'Layer Cake', it starred a character called Mr. Temple, a Londonder, ha, like London has the only temple. I'm betting that Fleming's character had the Temple in his blood, or his blood in the Temple, it would certainly help him survive in the Middle East, the ocassional 'Ya Allah' would always go down well. Now the question is which football team did James Bond support????

Herne the hunter.

I remember when I was a youngster, I don't know maybe 15, I first heard the name of Herne the Hunter. Herne was the favourite huntsman of Richard the Second. Mortally wounded while saving his master from a stag at bay, he was miraculously cured by a stranger, who tied the antlers of a dead stag to the dying man's brow. He claimed in payment all Herne's skill in venery. Crazed by the loss of that skill in the craft he loved, Herne fled to the forest, where a pedlar found his horned corpse hanging from an oak. But every night he returned at the head of a spectral hunt to harry the Windsor game as of old. I have often said that 'from acorns grow great oaks' let me hope I have more wisdom than Herne, and never hang myself from an oak.
(P.S. There is a hidden meaning in this blog, BUT it has nothing to do with the phrase 'Harry the Windsor game' anyone who even thought such a thing lives in some dark place!!!!)


Some years ago while distraught with the woes of the world, I wrote a letter and signed it 'Merlin'. This along with the transcripts of conversations probably touched some people, God be praised. In the next few years a charity was formed and named 'MERLIN'. It is now part of the DEC and fights for fair trade and an end to poverty in the third world along with many other charities. The thing is the letter was not written because of 3rd world people resident in the UK, it was written despite of them. Operative Merlin is not interested in foreign bourgeois being welcomed in the country of his birth, as he has said so many times, we have enough problems with our own. The last thing operative Merlin intended was for exiles to use his idea as a way to prove to those 'back home' how much they had been speaking up for their people while in exile/diaspora. Truth is most of them only care for themselves, sit on their arses, and get fat. The idea operative MERLIN proposed was for aboriginal people in the Third World to expect a longer, better, and more prosperous life.

Great Britain

Following the last blog, I'd just like to point out a fact for people who think that 'Great Britain' has anything to do with the Empire, or anything to do with Britannia ruling the waves. I suggest if you have a British passport to pull it out. You'll see the Royal Crest, and if you look carefully you shall see it bears some Old French, a court language since 1066. Now in the North of France their is a region called, Bretagne/Breton, and we, when compared to 'little' Brittany, are 'greater' Britain(y), simple really.

Reclaiming the corners.

A few things have occurred to bring me to this blog, some long term, and some short. It has to do with corners, and thus squares. I remember some time ago listening to a show on Radio 5 (always a good listen if you have internet, oh you're reading a blog...of course you do!!!). I featured an interview with Andy McNab a(n ex) member of The Regiment. He was asked what he believed the major threat to the long term security of 'The Realm' was, a question asked in the context of 'Al Qaeda'. His reply was 'the radical right wing'. Now surely while the extreme right remains radicalised they may pose a threat. Myself I like to consider myself the neo-conservative wing of the liberals, a neo-con right wing with a left wing informed by Marxist critique, dialectics of course. The people that rally against PR love to raise the ghost of the Weimar Republic, and undoubtedly the situation presently manifesting in Germany. I like the idea of radicals in Parliament, whether they be Nationalist, Communist, Greens, or any other flavour of politics that may arise, but I digress. It seems that the backlash against muslims in the UK has not, God be praised, occured (I bet this REALLLLLLYYYYYY annoys some people i.e the Zionist lobby whether that is Jewish or Christian or any one else with an anti Islam agenda!!!!!). I have always thought that blaming immigrants for social woes (i.e people that have only been here for 50 years) was a little unfair given that the underclass, working class, proletariat have been here for a lot longer than 50 years. However, I saw a couple of members of the Royal Hospital the other day, and if I could have put a word bubble in their mouths it would have said 'Our mates didn't die for this future, they died for a better one. They gave their 'today' for this tommorow, so it is the duty of all on this Island to honour their sacrifice'. I thought about this and thought, where did this go wrong, and wondered if I could ask an open question what the general answer would be. I imagine it would have something to do with the americanisation of europe, and although the immigrants cannot be blamed for all social woes, it cannot be ignored that the country has socially deteriorated since the 40's. So to the point of my blog, and that is what oh what is the radical right wing to do to vent their disdain for the immigrants arrived since the 40's???? Well racial violence has got to be a non starter, it would do nothing for their case, would marginilise them from mainstream British society (more than they are already!!!!), and generally cause all kind of trouble that would only benefit those who want them to prove what 'Trash' they are. Myself I often think that if a model works, it should be applied in any circumstance/situation in which it will work. So let me propose a model, people arrive in the UK (circa 1950) with little to no money. They work, save, pool their assets within families or clans, open businesses, employ more family/clan members, expand, use their wealth the educate their children, expand, etc., you get my drift. So my blog this time is very simple, when a model works, apply it. Now can the 'aboriginal' people of 'Grand Bretagne' apply the model, pool their resources, and take back the corners? After all Adam Smith, in his Wealth of Nations (1776), arguably described the UK as 'a nation of shopkeepers'.

Too big for my boots....

I was walking past New Scotland Yard today and heard a voice in my head, possibly via alpha waves, as a Range Rover drove past. The voice said 'You're getting too big for your boots'. What would my reply be, well it would be affirmitive, so make mine a pair of Church's.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

700 years in the making is always gonna win....

...over 229 years. It's time for the United States to realise they are a young nation, currently lead by people who hold to a radical 'neo'-conservative right wing 'christian' agenda, and their pseudo Bavarian 'Brotherhood of Daath'. Let's face it they are not neo-conservative at all. Neo suggests something new, not perpetuating an age old hegemony, enslaving people to any ideology that keeps them in chains and serving their masters. As the caliphates develop mankind will stand as he should as sons of Adam, servants of The God, not slaves of men or other gods. Surely there is nothing worthy of worship other than The God, Eloha/Allah.

Other than he places a good within it.

It is said that Allah does not create an evil for man than he places a good within it. I was minded of this as I drove past an Abbey today, and my internal dialectic dialogue asked; 'Is this a good thing???' My answer then is this; God does not create an evil other than he places a good within it, and Iblis/Shaitan does not veil an evil with anything other than good, for surely if his plans for mankind were known and plain, he would be able to lead astray but a few.

The Order of the Dragon.

I am minded that today there is a football match. England play Austria. There is an order to the east of Europe which is known as 'The Order of the Dragon'. The insignia for the order bears on the reverse what some would call the cross of St. George, but those with knowledge would call the cross of the temple. It has been 700 years since the temple called the religion of Muhammad, that of Islam, the religion of the Dragon, Astagfir Allah. There are many across europe who have not yet realised the truth of the revelation of Allah to Muhammad, but the Caliphate of Europe will come to a peace, Al Islam, with the Caliphate of the Levant and the lands that lie further east must surely come. So today, I shall be cheering for Austria, I will not be cheering for Catholicism other than the blue sky of the day, and the stars and the moon in the night sky of Allah's creation. Surely space is the 'Universal' church.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Where East meets West.....

Despite of what Kipling said East and West do meet, and they meet at the Bosphorous. The thing is why is Austria being so beligerent about Turkey joining the EU fully. I would guess that some wise men from that land don't like Ataturk's westward looking, Romanising arse kissing (my bet he was a secret byzantine christian!!!). The 'Occident' is the Occident, and the 'Levant' the Levant. Given how much work has gone into Capliphate Europe, the last thing they need is for Turkey to join. This was settled at the conquest of Byzantium. Now East is East and West is West and ne'er the twain shall meet, until that is until it is with the salutation 'As Salaamu Alaykum'

Saturday, October 01, 2005

'You have said it.'

I am minded of the fact that Islam teaches that each person will be accountable if they have been held as idols beside The God. When Jeheshua is asked/accused of being the Son of God he replies 'You have said it'. Jeheshua nearly always refers to himself as the Son of Man, Adam if you will. Surely the Templar would know that Ya Allah, begets not, nor was begotten, is infinite and absolute, Al Wahid, Al Quayyum 'Al Rahman Istawa Al Arsh'. Now if we were gonna get all Old Testament the Order of Angels called Beni Elohim, surely these are not material children, astagfir Allah, rather Angels who do Allah's bidding. I am minded of the blog in which I spoke of being cold in a corner with a voice telling me that the wind was a blanket that would grant me warmth in the cold. In retrospect I believe the voice was that of Raphael.