Monday, October 24, 2005

It's Michael Bentine's potty time!!!!!

I was reading an article on the Regiment, and something that I found particularly interesting was the advice of Michael Bentine, that the threats of the future would be from terrorism and drugs. Anyone with eyes can see that this has come to pass. The article states that the I & SG then began from that date quoted as the late 60's as preparing for such possibilities. When I consider the I & SG I find it coincedental that I found myself within a triangle, that in later years I liked to think of as a platoon hide, listening to hip hop, reggae, and maybe just a little Soul Calypso. I like to ponder the idea of white and black agents. White agents are indoctrinated and have active awareness, black agents are people that are used without full knowledge of who they work for, in fact most often not knowing that they are working for an authority at all. It is incumbent on white agents to try and eleviate danger from black agents as much as possible, and should they awake to their status, they are offered options, new lines of employment, better investments, better products to trade. They are seldom asked for statements, as the people manipulating them have all the information that they required and the black agents remain without blame.

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