Friday, October 14, 2005

Reclaiming the corners.

A few things have occurred to bring me to this blog, some long term, and some short. It has to do with corners, and thus squares. I remember some time ago listening to a show on Radio 5 (always a good listen if you have internet, oh you're reading a blog...of course you do!!!). I featured an interview with Andy McNab a(n ex) member of The Regiment. He was asked what he believed the major threat to the long term security of 'The Realm' was, a question asked in the context of 'Al Qaeda'. His reply was 'the radical right wing'. Now surely while the extreme right remains radicalised they may pose a threat. Myself I like to consider myself the neo-conservative wing of the liberals, a neo-con right wing with a left wing informed by Marxist critique, dialectics of course. The people that rally against PR love to raise the ghost of the Weimar Republic, and undoubtedly the situation presently manifesting in Germany. I like the idea of radicals in Parliament, whether they be Nationalist, Communist, Greens, or any other flavour of politics that may arise, but I digress. It seems that the backlash against muslims in the UK has not, God be praised, occured (I bet this REALLLLLLYYYYYY annoys some people i.e the Zionist lobby whether that is Jewish or Christian or any one else with an anti Islam agenda!!!!!). I have always thought that blaming immigrants for social woes (i.e people that have only been here for 50 years) was a little unfair given that the underclass, working class, proletariat have been here for a lot longer than 50 years. However, I saw a couple of members of the Royal Hospital the other day, and if I could have put a word bubble in their mouths it would have said 'Our mates didn't die for this future, they died for a better one. They gave their 'today' for this tommorow, so it is the duty of all on this Island to honour their sacrifice'. I thought about this and thought, where did this go wrong, and wondered if I could ask an open question what the general answer would be. I imagine it would have something to do with the americanisation of europe, and although the immigrants cannot be blamed for all social woes, it cannot be ignored that the country has socially deteriorated since the 40's. So to the point of my blog, and that is what oh what is the radical right wing to do to vent their disdain for the immigrants arrived since the 40's???? Well racial violence has got to be a non starter, it would do nothing for their case, would marginilise them from mainstream British society (more than they are already!!!!), and generally cause all kind of trouble that would only benefit those who want them to prove what 'Trash' they are. Myself I often think that if a model works, it should be applied in any circumstance/situation in which it will work. So let me propose a model, people arrive in the UK (circa 1950) with little to no money. They work, save, pool their assets within families or clans, open businesses, employ more family/clan members, expand, use their wealth the educate their children, expand, etc., you get my drift. So my blog this time is very simple, when a model works, apply it. Now can the 'aboriginal' people of 'Grand Bretagne' apply the model, pool their resources, and take back the corners? After all Adam Smith, in his Wealth of Nations (1776), arguably described the UK as 'a nation of shopkeepers'.

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