Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Moses enigma.

Any scholar of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition will know of this enigma, and I do not claim any knowledge on this subject. Let us tho' consider the name that it is said the voice used. As it was reported to me it said 'I am that which I am'. This was the same phrase that seemed to so outrage the Hebrew priests when used by Jeheshuah. I think maybe the answer that I have come up with in regard to this enigma is this, tho' in truth it is more than likley beyond my understanding. The Quran states that when Muhammad is scornfully asked 'Why is the Quran not revealed all at one time?' he is told to reply 'It is revealed in stages so as to strengthen you!'. May the/an answer to the Moses enigma in fact be that the whole faith from Adam down to Muhammad was itself revealed in stages 'so as to strengthen you'? I have no verifiable answers, only questions. I am taught that with Muhammad comes a completion of a message.

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