Friday, October 21, 2005

BOND is back!!!

I harbour pretensions to being 00 as anyone who grew up watching the films does, every school boys dream etc.. Actually I think that I'd make a better Smiley when I'm a little older (Little Tinker, Merchant Taylor, Soldier and a Spy), but as I use the name herein of the 'old man of the mountain' I like 00 designation as it reminds me of the order of the assassins, double zero being a Hashish from Magrib/Morroco. Now the last Bond was of Irish extraction and I think I heard the BBC say 'profitable' (QUIS SEPARABIT!!!), and this one is a scouser, who knows maybe the next will be a Lancastrian.

Warm, warmer, very warm, Eureka!!!!

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Old Man of the Mountain said...

...actually it seems we have a Norman Commander...Captain Wettin wishes you well Sir...a Red Aquitanian Eagle and a Saxony White Lion...Atu...