Friday, October 14, 2005

The Base.

I got to thinking some time ago while watching Farenheit 911, about the concept of 'The Base'. In F911 Bush says quite openly with a twinkle in his eye 'I just wanna thank my base'. Anyone who knows anything about US currency may ponder the dollar bill, with its Pyramid emblazoned. As President George W. is the apex of a pyramid which of course has a base. Now tell me if I'm wrong but there is another organisation which is called 'The Base' or to give it it's arabic name 'Al Qaeda'. An image in my mind is conjured, it is a celluloid image of a 'Company' man on a hill in Afganistan during the eighties, delivering 'stinger' missiles. Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories as all a conspiracy involves is people of an agreed agenda, (i.e. people agree to have a cup of tea; somebody brings the tea, another the cups, another milk, and yet another sugar, they have effectively conspired to make tea, especially if they are in a society where tea drinking is illegal!!!!) but I would bet that the concept of pyramids isn't foreign to Osama. Al Qaeda seem to really dislike Shia, which I'm not sure I fully understand when from what I read an Army under a black flag will descend from Iran to aid Imam Mahdi, well wouldn't you know we come back to the Iranian question. I have often accused the Saudi monarchy of being Ummayid Kings, maybe that is unfair, and maybe St. John/Adb' Allah, were he alive, would tell me to calm down. However I am sure that Osama is Ummayid if only ideologically, and I doubt he is Fatimad, but like the wise say 'Allah Alim'.

(P.S. now I like the geometric progression of 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 etc, especially when it comes to this blog, daath secretariat, and propaganda 1. My guess is that the US apex prefers 1,4,16. My guess is George W. wasn't great and math(s) or geometry....ah the good old 'G'.)

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