Friday, October 14, 2005

Herne the hunter.

I remember when I was a youngster, I don't know maybe 15, I first heard the name of Herne the Hunter. Herne was the favourite huntsman of Richard the Second. Mortally wounded while saving his master from a stag at bay, he was miraculously cured by a stranger, who tied the antlers of a dead stag to the dying man's brow. He claimed in payment all Herne's skill in venery. Crazed by the loss of that skill in the craft he loved, Herne fled to the forest, where a pedlar found his horned corpse hanging from an oak. But every night he returned at the head of a spectral hunt to harry the Windsor game as of old. I have often said that 'from acorns grow great oaks' let me hope I have more wisdom than Herne, and never hang myself from an oak.
(P.S. There is a hidden meaning in this blog, BUT it has nothing to do with the phrase 'Harry the Windsor game' anyone who even thought such a thing lives in some dark place!!!!)

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