Friday, October 28, 2005

I remember during my BEF...

...I was walking along the southern coast of Europe having travelled with no money for some miles, living off kindness and when not even from bins. There was an airport to my left, and at some point an old man came and marched next to me, almost as if he had come out for that very purpose, or that was how it appeared to me. I walked passed an airport and as I walked a voice said to me in my head 'Are you tired?' 'Yes very' I replied. 'Are you hungry?' 'A little' came my internal reply? 'Are you run down, diorientated, scared?' 'Yes' my reply came again. 'Could you still lead an attack?' 'If I had to' I stated to my internal voice. 'Look to your left, see that Scandanavian plane about to take off...prepare to move...MOVE!!!!!!' and with that I gathered my little strength adjusted my backpack and ran toward an imagined enemy.

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