Thursday, October 20, 2005

Eton Rifles versus Artist Rifles.

I have been watching this conservative party leadership contest, and to be honest the last two are both good candidates in my opinion. I'm actually looking forward to the next election, should be fun. I of course will vote for the the dove, or is that a pigeon, or maybe even a pigeon hawk. I get to thinking about this whole Live8 episode, and of course this whole debt relief /fair trade debate. Thing is those pseudo socialists missed the boat. Now I may be a liberal but credit where credit is due, talking of pigeon hawks, we return to MERLIN, and there is no doubting that operation MERLIN was on blue watch. One might say that that the trading company is not so much 'Universal exports' as 'International Import & Export'. So while the labour party speaks of fair trade operation MERLIN is years ahead, using routes laid in history. Now I think social conservatism should let that cat out of the bag, a leak if you will, and when Blair tries to take credit for his third world policies, the civil service can smile and think MERLIN, and Major can adjust his garter. Now I think the operative expression is 'all change!'

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