Sunday, October 23, 2005

Back in Black

I was just listening to one of my favourite ACDC songs, and I thought dang if ever they make a film about the Iranian Embassy siege, thats the tune to play as the CT squadrons fly in. With the release of the only terrorist to survive (ironically now being granted asylum!!! an irony which could be emphasised say during events leading up, i.e. in political discussions in cabinet), I think its about time that a film of the event is made. The song is like 4:14 long and it could play as the troopers fly in and enter, and begin their 'cleaning', and as the song fades the cold reality of what actually is occuring could set in as suddenly there is no music, no dramatic tension just the selective fire, fear and panic of when chaos meets order. If I was to moot a title it would be 'Prince's Gate'

(P.S. And the best way I can think of finishing it is with the trooper telling the PM to move her 'f**king head!' in Regents Park.)

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