Friday, September 30, 2005

THX 1138

Obviously the analogy of Daath to 'Darth' Vader is not lost on me. Myself in the scheme of things I prefer Lucas' THX 1138, not so 'Hollywood', not so Propaganda 61. I particularly like this part of the script...

'We need a new unity, but not a unity which discourages dissent. We Need dissent.But we need a creative dissent. Our voices are not joined in any harmonious chorus, but the differences are differences of emphasis, not of fundamentals. Now, the new alignment's greatest need is to communicate with all its elements, rather than march along in parallel line that never converge. Tomorrow as we focus the new movement more clearly, we will gain a new unity.'

Of course I prefer Dune to Star Wars any day of the week....go figure.

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