Monday, October 24, 2005

J'aime les Dauphins

With it being the whole Trafalgar thing this weekend, and the plethera of white ensigns. I got to thinking of the the dolphins. I was first on a RN submarine some years ago. Having grown up in a port town, the lure of the sea, its sound, the sound of gulls in the air (call me Jonathan!!) brings back beautiful memories, even my old public school song states 'Not is some sheltered nook of inland rest and calm.' I love the sea, staring out imagining what may lie beyond, straining to see if one can see land. I guess some people think of dolphins and pleasure parks, glorified aquariums. Aha now aquariums, there's a word. That word reminds me of some time I spent in the Canary islands, where I believed I may have 'alpha'd' with some Naval Brigade. I had probably walked past Naval Brigade before during the cold war, having grown up in a major port town. Think I alpha'd some in Hull once too. I guess dolphins use sonic, whereas we, well we use the silent alif/alpha (by which I of course mean Alpha brain waves, the skill of the fish (babel fish of course!!!)). I hear that there are increasing numbers of Dolphins of the shore of Britain these days, maybe I'll take a trip one day and see if they alpha. I quite like Tom Clancy stuff, a little bit up itself, but hey. I recall that Red October thing, in later years made me think of my mother, born in October probably a bit red in her opinions. Myself I was born in a different month so If I was gonna play dolphin to dolphin with Mater, I'd be Blue November...hmm now which month was the Russian revolution again????

And Blue November sails back into port flying the 'skull and bones' (326) That'd be the Templar flag then hey ;)

(P.S. and I'm sure old Horatio if he visited me in spirit may ask me to speak momentarily in lieu of his presence, pointing out at the bottom of his arms are....well there's an odd coincedence, a moon and star!!!! What rank did our dear celebrated yet departed hero hold...erm, that'd be Admiral or as the OED states 'An emir or prince under the Sultan; any Saracen ruler or commander' c1250)

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