Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Order of the Dragon.

I am minded that today there is a football match. England play Austria. There is an order to the east of Europe which is known as 'The Order of the Dragon'. The insignia for the order bears on the reverse what some would call the cross of St. George, but those with knowledge would call the cross of the temple. It has been 700 years since the temple called the religion of Muhammad, that of Islam, the religion of the Dragon, Astagfir Allah. There are many across europe who have not yet realised the truth of the revelation of Allah to Muhammad, but the Caliphate of Europe will come to a peace, Al Islam, with the Caliphate of the Levant and the lands that lie further east must surely come. So today, I shall be cheering for Austria, I will not be cheering for Catholicism other than the blue sky of the day, and the stars and the moon in the night sky of Allah's creation. Surely space is the 'Universal' church.

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