Sunday, November 27, 2005

Malta, November 2005

Seems the Commonwealth (lets play spot the Charlie Charlies) have all had a meeting on Malta and signed some kind of agreement. Unfortunately it wasn't the dissolution of the institution. They seem to be in accord around the issue of fair trade etc. Great, top marks, brilliant, now Foxtrot Oscar. If Merlin operatives are at work across the whole third world, they are to resist the temptation to become involved with people in Commonwealth at any level above ground level (that also goes for the other 2/3 of the world). Although in the short term collaboration with this scum will appear to those with short sight to achieve the ultimate goals of Merlin it does not. These people have had more than enough time to get their act together, and the fact they have done nothing is their testament, they MUST not be allowed within, allowed to hijack the operation, even if it appears more people will be helped in the short term, MERLIN is all about the long term.

Charlie Charlie, Foxtrot Oscar.

Jahweh is not Allah

Just had another annoying incident with a Christian trying to tell me they belive in The One, The God, Eloah, Allah. The thing is they believe in something completely different to the Muslims they believe in the Father, which would be Jahweh, and while I shall not blaspheme the name Jahweh nor the messiach Jeheshuah, I bow to Allah alone, acknowledging the part Jahweh has played in bringing me to this truth.

Before Christians try and lecture Muslims about Tawheed they should learn a little about Jahweh, 'the father', Jesheshuah 'the son', and the 'Holy Spirit' that proceeds from Eloah/Allah, and realise that they are mushrik if they worship 'The father, the son, and the holy spirit.

They worship what they worship, and we worship what we worship, and they are not the same thing.

Ignorance of scripture is not an excuse.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

'This day have those who reject faith given up all hope of your religion: yet fear them not but fear Me. This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.' Surah 5:3

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This thing in Liverpool could have put the city back decades. In a slaving port where black people have lived for centuries, the last thing that was needed was White/Black violence. People are not imprisoned for disdain, nor even hate other than one promotes racial violence. People in Liverpool 8 had long spoken about how it was not safe 'outside the area' how playing the game was a fools game, and that only strength was respected, and this killing has gone some way to prove them right. Luckily the kids uncle lived up to his name asking for peace and unity in the city. The boy can never be brought back, and there was/is no honour in this young kid's blood. However there is dignity in pleading guilty and saving the lad's family from further heartache and distress.

100 Grand.

Now I just had a Charlie Charlie walk past me saying 'Good...Good' into her phone. Now if that was just some Charlie Charlie walking past fine. If however it was someone with info they shouldn't have I want £100,000 for the privilege of coming anywhere near me, legally or illegally its all the same to me. If suddenly that equity disappears on her house let it stand as a lesson to stay the Foxtrot Charlie away from me!!!!!

Now keep these Charlie Charlies away from me S.V.P!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Le Costumer.

I recall some years ago a very beautiful petite french girl on a small isle off the coast of Western France. Her name was Le Costumer tho' this appears to be an uncommon name in France (I just looked it up), I wonder what her ancestors did for a living? I guess people do love to dress up, wear veils as it were. If I met her today I may well say 'Bounjour, Je suis Jaime'.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

In that year a man came to Hamelin claiming to be a rat-catcher. The people of Hamelin promised him payment for killing the rats. So the man took a pipe, attracted the rats by his music and made them follow him to the Weser river, where they all drowned. Despite this success the people reneged on their promise and did not pay the rat-catcher. He left the town, but returned several weeks later. While the inhabitants were in the church, he played his pipe again, this time attracting the children of Hamelin. One hundred and thirty boys and girls followed him out of the town, where they were lured into a cave and sealed inside. Depending on the version, at most two children survived.

Gathering HUMINT is espionage. Under the articles of war persons guilty of espionage and not wearing the uniform of their nation may expect certain treatment. Gathering HUMINT for a 3rd party i.e foreign nation is also espionage, and will probably result is detainment and questioning by the nation state. 'Friends' who conduct espionage by the act designate themselves as 'unfriendly' the act of espionage not being something allies undertake.

Get my drift???? You have been warned it can get pretty scarey outside the M25!!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A message for the visiting Chinese delegation... return home with. I declare that there is no God but Allah, and the Quran is a gift via Gabriel to Muhammad for ALL mankind. The Prophet Muhammad himself said 'Seek you knowledge even if it is in China'. It is said by the those with knowledge that the name of Allah, who is established 'over' his throne, which is as the edge of the desert when the footstool is compared to a ring cast in the desert, has a numerical value by Arabic Gematria of 66. Anyone from anyworld in the universe knows the hexadecimal system, so let us use this key and calculate the number 66 by the hexidecimal. Surely one recieves the answer to life the universe and everything.

'Wind and thunder: the image of Increase.
Thus the superior man:
If he sees good, he imitates it;
If he has faults, he rids himself of them.'

Monday, November 07, 2005

Wolves and vultures.

Noble families with a history in the Levant took to Falconry, and the fact I have taken the name Merlin is not lost on me. But not all Falcons are for hunting some are for spotting, and as I sit here as a man made of clay, my hawk eyes (20/20) see wolves and vultures gathering. Who has wolves and vultures over falcons, surely those who think themselves gods as opposed to slaves of The God. The thing is do they lust after meat or money....or both????

Sunday, November 06, 2005

France alight.

It would be pretty stupid to not blog about the 5th Republic at the moment. I'm not sure given the fragile political mindset of the French electorate that the riots in France are productive. However this is very easy for me to say, I do not live the life of an immigrant, nor having been born here am I treated as an 'etranger' (maybe I am but thats not relevant to this blog). However if I could speak directly to the French, these urbanisations were always going to present problems; civil disturbance and criminal damage are better than bombs!!!!!

Now the challenge to the Franks is to have a good understanding of their own history, secret or otherwise. Savez et comprenez!!!!!

(P.S. Just heard the Attourney General talk of terrorists, I like to consider semantic tricks when I think of the term. )

Terrorist : Terraist : Pour la terre : Pro Terra : Proleteriat

90 meetings in 90 days.

I can't help thinking that that Blair fellow (when Britian was a Kingdom it had a King, when an Empire and Empress, now its a country and we have...) is trying to apply the 12 step programme to terrorism. I'm not sure 'Terrorists Anonymous' is going to work. Blair once said 'Not just tough on crime...tough on the causes of crime' surely the suggested model should be applied more widely.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

‘Because propaganda one is the truth’

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

'O ye people! Adore your Guardian-Lord, who created you and those who came before you, that ye may have the chance to learn righteousness; Who has made the earth your couch, and the heavens your canopy; and sent down rain from the heavens; and brought forth therewith Fruits for your sustenance; then set not up rivals unto Allah when ye know (the truth). And if ye are in doubt as to what We have revealed from time to time to Our servant, then produce a Sura like thereunto; and call your witnesses or helpers (If there are any) besides Allah, if your (doubts) are true. But if ye cannot- and of a surety ye cannot- then fear the Fire whose fuel is men and stones,- which is prepared for those who reject Faith. '

Sura 2: 21-24, Al-Baqara (The Cow)

Thus Templar be cautious that you do not become as stone, rather be frozen, for when Isa returns, surely then may your abode be the fire!!!!

‘Because propaganda one is the truth’

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

'Then learnt Adam from his Lord words of inspiration, and his Lord Turned towards him; for He is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful. We said: "Get ye down all from here; and if, as is sure, there comes to you Guidance from me, whosoever follows My guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. "But those who reject Faith and belie Our Signs, they shall be companions of the Fire; they shall abide therein." O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and fulfil your covenant with Me as I fulfil My Covenant with you, and fear none but Me. And believe in what I reveal, confirming the revelation which is with you, and be not the first to reject Faith therein, nor sell My Signs for a small price; and fear Me, and Me alone. And cover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth when ye know (what it is). And be steadfast in prayer; practise regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down (in worship).'

Sura 2: 37-43, Al-Baqara (The Cow)

A debt owed to Salahadin.

This blog stands as a reminder to members of noble families in europe concerning a debt owed to the deen of Muhammad, as a result one of his soldiers Salahadin. The very fact that our ancestors eventually were released and returned to christendom lays upon us a debt. Without any of our ancestors being present in history we would not exist. Thus this blog stands as reminder, and were Salahadin here today he would recall the debt across 'christendom' and say now is the time for the Caliphate, let your model be Al-Andalus.

(P.S. to those who think themselves soldiers of God, knights, there is more than one way to approach 14 words!!! Going by the actions of the CRS in the ghettos of Paris it may be that the ideology of Vichy and the friekorps is alive and well, that the French Temple has become more an order of the Teutons, than the inheritors of De Molay!!!! If Napolean were to visit he would surely retort 'Mon Dieu!!! Il n'y a aucun dieu mais Le Dieu et Muhammad ├ętait le messager de Le Dieu!!!' and immediately set about 'rurban' planning, after all what were his 'savants' reported to have said upon arrival in Aegypt??? Savez et comprenez!!!!)

If you find your self detained... a result of preaching what you believe to be the word of the prophet Jeheshuah, I have a key for you, for times are approaching when Dhimmi will be detained for preaching the wrong word, the doctrine of the risin sun/son is not the word of the prophet. Thus if you are thrown into prison merely say 'Eheieh Jeheshuah' and locks should open. He told you to cling to his name and told you that he is in you and you in he and just as he was in you and you in him so are you with him in Jahweh. Have no fear to think yourself a star in a house bringing remembrance of Eloha/Allah. If someone asks you who taught you this reply, I was taught by a soldier of christ, a slave of Allah.

(P.S. Saying this will God willing save your life one time within Christendom, if you have strayed too far, after that you are bound by a new faith. It will not be used by Charlie Charlies to maintain their stay on our isle. If you have caused trouble for our people you must surely leave, if not to your country of origin then a 3rd party nation. If you have a new truth now you may return to your people and become a teacher, for here within our isle/continent you have become 'personae non gratae'.)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I heard a whispered apology....

...what I want before I accept it it a vow to abandon usury banking, and an admittance that what Balfour and that family agreed was wrong and beyond their remit, and a promise to withdraw support from the zionist state. Then, and only then will the apology for 'machinations' be accepted.

(P.S. And while I'm at it a vow that the 20th century ideology of ethnic cleansing, eugenics, and racial hygiene will stay where they should, back in the 2oth century!!!!)

An ironic moustache.

I was thinking today of growing an ironic moustache. I already blogged about the concept outlined in the film 'The boys from Brazil.' I suggest that anyone who has a bit of time to spend compare my life history and natural family with that of a certain Austrian. Now the question is where would people look for living space today. I'm fairly sure that it would not be in the German speaking land of Czech. Where would it be???? Can anyone guess??? Thinking of Austrians I saw an interesting picture of Schwarzenegger with a family that I am told intermarried with mine. This family with which my natural mother's intermarried have a habit of merging with families they find of interest, profitable, or hope to be able to use!!!, I hear it whispered that during the crusades they were a phalanx of the Crusaders who wore Red Shields. Given my infatuation with Bond I recall a film entitled 'Never say 'Never again''. I didn't name the film.

(P.S. I'm sure it might have been very interesting listening into their conversation, but oh so much more interesting to follow the 'alpha' track!!)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Mason's Daughter

The Mason's Daughter by Mrs. A. Darwish

I am the Mason's daughter,
Who learned from books she didn't oughta,
All about the widow's son
Hiram Abiff and Jah-Bul-On

From cultures of the Middle East
Arose the vile Obelisk-ed Beast,
Which binds them in its Brotherhood,
With arcane oaths that curdle blood

'Good men and true' is their refrain
'To Hell with others not the same'
'One for all and all for one'
Lost in Bondage to the Sun.

The ranks are closed, the doors are locked,
Regalia donned, all duly frocked,
As Tyler at the door prevails,
Their ritual inside unveils.

The Candidate - bare knee, bare breast,
All metal too must now divest!
Old devils soon he will implore,
When he treads the chequered Tracing Floor.

From the Festive Board, on the other hand,
On pain of death, this genial band,
Will disembowel you and throats slit,
For secrets spilt twixt cup and lip.

Their subversion of the Popes of Rome,
Brought with it too the Caliph's Throne,
The fall of Russia, China too,
World Wars One and World Wars Two.

Their intrigues hatched behind closed doors,
Are not for Profane ears or yours.
All talk about eternity
Seems lost on this fraternity.

Smashed family ties, neglected wives,
All charges that Grand Lodge denies.
What is above is so below,
All freedoms bound by cable tow.

We children of the Brethren
Know this true, and shout Amen.
And right we are to take a look
At what our parents undertook.

My father if you read this verse,
Invoke not your Masonic Curse,
For time is short, the years are few;
Morticians always get their due.

Ahh the caring of a daughter, but know you daughter that the prophet said to seek knowledge even if it is in China, surely the word is Zabulon, a secret to be revealed. Moses, Joseph and Jehesuah all knew of Aegypt and conquered its mysteries. From here upon our world, the centre seems to be the Sun, but it is not Mason's that are bound to its doctrine, they know it is merely a star within space, to use the language of the Jahiliya, Nuit. As to the Caliphs throne, all men are sons of Adam and thus Caliphs, and as the oral tradition teaches Macrocosm, the body of Adam Qadmom in the supernal eden compared to fallen Adam upon terra, 'As above so Below'. Within the brotherhood is is commonly said that this is not faith, this is naught but Anthropology.