Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Mason's Daughter

The Mason's Daughter by Mrs. A. Darwish

I am the Mason's daughter,
Who learned from books she didn't oughta,
All about the widow's son
Hiram Abiff and Jah-Bul-On

From cultures of the Middle East
Arose the vile Obelisk-ed Beast,
Which binds them in its Brotherhood,
With arcane oaths that curdle blood

'Good men and true' is their refrain
'To Hell with others not the same'
'One for all and all for one'
Lost in Bondage to the Sun.

The ranks are closed, the doors are locked,
Regalia donned, all duly frocked,
As Tyler at the door prevails,
Their ritual inside unveils.

The Candidate - bare knee, bare breast,
All metal too must now divest!
Old devils soon he will implore,
When he treads the chequered Tracing Floor.

From the Festive Board, on the other hand,
On pain of death, this genial band,
Will disembowel you and throats slit,
For secrets spilt twixt cup and lip.

Their subversion of the Popes of Rome,
Brought with it too the Caliph's Throne,
The fall of Russia, China too,
World Wars One and World Wars Two.

Their intrigues hatched behind closed doors,
Are not for Profane ears or yours.
All talk about eternity
Seems lost on this fraternity.

Smashed family ties, neglected wives,
All charges that Grand Lodge denies.
What is above is so below,
All freedoms bound by cable tow.

We children of the Brethren
Know this true, and shout Amen.
And right we are to take a look
At what our parents undertook.

My father if you read this verse,
Invoke not your Masonic Curse,
For time is short, the years are few;
Morticians always get their due.

Ahh the caring of a daughter, but know you daughter that the prophet said to seek knowledge even if it is in China, surely the word is Zabulon, a secret to be revealed. Moses, Joseph and Jehesuah all knew of Aegypt and conquered its mysteries. From here upon our world, the centre seems to be the Sun, but it is not Mason's that are bound to its doctrine, they know it is merely a star within space, to use the language of the Jahiliya, Nuit. As to the Caliphs throne, all men are sons of Adam and thus Caliphs, and as the oral tradition teaches Macrocosm, the body of Adam Qadmom in the supernal eden compared to fallen Adam upon terra, 'As above so Below'. Within the brotherhood is is commonly said that this is not faith, this is naught but Anthropology.

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