Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jordanian Hawks.

This post is to express a mish mash of thoughts, past and present, and a dream. The dream was of Buckingham palace, and above the Palace flew a flag bearing a crescent moon, at the time I felt it was highly unlikely, but I walked passed the Palace and down Birdcage past Wellington Barracks, and a voice said to me 'turn and look' and as I did there in the place the standard would blow on a windy day was a crescent moon, I thought it an odd coincedence. So I return to my thoughts, some years ago when I read of a group of soldiers in the reign of Abdullah of Jordan. I think Abdullah was the first King of Jordan after the Saud dynasty chased the sharrif of Mecca from the Holy City. They would decapitate their enemies, shrink the heads then play Polo with them. Some time ago while I was in a delusional state lacking food and sleep and thus intoxicated, I was walking past Chelsea Football Club whose firm in the 80's was called the headhunters, and with the Hurlingham club being not that far away I again thought of the Jordanian Hawks of whom I had read. Now then, if Islam is the religion of the future, and I'm sure it is, then this Kingdom is an Emirate of the Caliphate of Europe, and if people come into this Emirate or any other Emirate in building and try and bomb or kill innocent civilians, then I think that the model of the Jordanian Hawks is certainly one to ponder. If they are shot dead, then why not let the Horseguards play polo with their heads, when they have finished bury the heads with their bodies. Again another dark thought but hey I have quite a few.

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