Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sniffer Dog.

Well I had a wierd day today. I went to meet a heroin addict to take him to an NA meeting, but he didn't show. So as I was sat there suddenly I heard in my head the phrase 'Combat 18'. So off I went in a rage to 'Combat 18' which entailed going to the house of the vicar who had sent me into the Labyrinth 13 years ago, but that's a story of my bitterness, an unwise vicar, and what I'd guess to be an ex-army chaplain. So I started to think about 777 or Babylon, and so of course 07/07/2005. I recall some years ago watching that movie 'Who dares wins', now really the most interesting part for me as a teenager was the last scene, where the radicals 'strings' had been pulled from behind the scenes. Now as I have posted brothers at the left should make sure they know from where their strings are pulled. I got to thinking about reports I heard after the initial explosions, which ended very promptly. They entailed the use of whom were called 'White' Mercenaries', and a fact that the bombs had been made using military plastic. Then started to think...what if....there was an Ashkanasim ZOG agent in, for instance, C18. How could this'd be easy...eastern european jewry intermarried with Orthodox/Catholic families, family connection maintained. Mossad need some negative PR in Britian against Islam, in fact hey the US need some negative PR against Islam re: a resolution against Iran etc, right wing radicals smuggle plastic into the UK. Surely puppets pull the strings of puppets who pull the strings of puppets who detonate bombs. If I was MI5 I'd be sending out a bulletin around europe asking about known right-wingers with family connection to the Zionist state, even if separated by a few degrees.

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