Thursday, August 04, 2005

'In and Out'

'I was walking down the street one day...'

actually today and a van pulled in front of me bearing the company name of 'in or out' (whether this company actually exists or not is moot!!!) So anyway it brought a wry smile to my face, and I pondered the phrase as if it were a question posit. I imagine a sly old man (ok ok less of the old I hear you say, how about 'prime of life!!) with a wry smile also telling someone 'well if you want to know the answer to that question you had better find a clever way of doing it!' So I guess after all the trouble I am obliged to answer. In my mind I walk casually along the edge of Green Park, and when asked 'In or Out' I reply 'No No my dear chap its 'In and Out''

'Laugh...I nearly shat...'

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