Sunday, August 07, 2005

Just in case anyone feels like defending....

...the Pagan Religions of Al Hind!!!!

'Bijnor, India: In a gruesome incident, a temple priest chopped the head of a eight year-old boy with a dagger to propitiate a deity by human sacrifice in a town in Bijnor district, police said on Thursday. The incident came to light when the boy hailing from Kalagarh was reported missing after he had gone to the shiv temple to play with his friends, police said. His body was later recovered from the nearby bushes. On interrogation, the priest confessed to the crime, police said adding the priest has been arrested.'

The Times of India

I never thought I'd say it but that kinda makes the paedophilia of the Roman Catholic Church seem mild!!!! Maybe mild isn't the term for a church which perpetuates a solar rite and teaches you to bow to the image of the beast, but hey you decide?

(As a post script...I don't mean to destroy your faith, I know I am shaking it, I really don't want to destroy it. God is still there, Jeheshuah is still a reality, so cling to his name, and obey his two commandments, Worship God, and try and love your neighbour as if he was yourself!!!!)

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