Sunday, August 07, 2005

The blood is on all our hands.

I just watched the guy who had his lower leg blown off on the tube. Got me thinking about conversations I have had recently about the brothers who went to the left, may Allah forgive them. The first conversation I had with my brother in law and his friend who has recently arrived from Austria. They were criticising terrorists, and saying that it was not Islam. Thing is, and this post is directly to muslims for a change, while the majority of us do nothing some brothers will always find themself at the margins, and sometimes those margins will be at the left. If we address the issues motivating them as an Ummah, not dismiss them, then they will sit with us and we as an Ummah will move forward. I've been listening to the people rally against them, and surely most of them are for want of a better term, 'house niggers'. They may as well run around saying 'Yes Saab' in the Raj, or 'Yes Master' lest they have to say 'Yesum Boss' in a cotton field. That's how I see it anyway. The second conversation was with a Pakistani brother who runs a local shop, I said to him straight, if our lack of activity means brothers have to go to the left, then the blood of the dead is on all of our hands, and if a sin is recorded in the book of their left, then a sin may be recorded in all of our books.

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