Saturday, August 20, 2005


Surely there is a Roman Catholic conspiracy. It is to make London seem like the city that rules over the kings of the earth, well they've had 2000 years. Thing is, that clearly Rome, and more specifically the Vatican State, what 'they' like to call the eternal city, has their plan. Question is who built London?? It was the Romans, whichever way they try and play this it's gonna come back to them. I mean the 'church' has been implicated in many things....

And as to the old school's of Britain, they sing Jerusalem, but there are no mills in London, and the old school prefers Al Qumran to Jerusalem. Metaphors ,metaphors.

(P.S. I read that the Pope is attempting to counter the revolution of Calvin and Luther so as to prevent further protestation i.e. when all the 'Christians' see how they have been imprisoned by Rome by the basic creed that permeates nearly all the people who 'follow' Jesus, what would the protestation be? 'All you have taught us of doctrine and creed is a lie!!!! Now cling to Jehesuah and his two commandments)

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