Friday, September 02, 2005

The Qabbalistic Cross.

Having been brought up baptised and confirmed in the Anglican tradition, I oft recited what the Christians call the 'Lord's prayer'. This idea of Lordship, or Adonai, refers to the state of Jeheshuah, and it is for Christians and Jews to ponder the Quran which informs us that the Christians and Jews have taken their priests and rabbis as lords beside Allah. Anglicans in contrast to Roman Christians add a suffix to the end of the prayer which is 'For thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever, Amen (Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedulah, Le Olam, Amen). This derives from the Qabbalaistic Cross, which is not to be confused with the crucifixion, it is rather to do with the tree of life we are within (macrocosm), and which is within us (microcosm). I would hazard a guess that this formula was taught to Western Christians by returning Templar. The Templar were reported to often declare 'Ya Allah'. The other night I was by a Cathedral eating some food prepared for homeless people, we sat and talked the Christians gave out food and sang songs. Eventually they recited the Lord's prayer which I felt I could not join in with, but as they finished their prayer I said 'Ya Allah, Ateh, Malkuth, Ve Geburah, Ve Gedulah, Le Olam, Amen' with my hands raised to The God who is established over his throne, making the sign of the cross/tree upon myself. Now anyone who read into that that I believed in the crucifixion, is either ill-informed or just plain ignorant.

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