Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tunisia 1976

I walked quite a long way today. It was a pleasant day and I rambled on through the streets of London. I started to think about dreams I have, and the western liberal morality I inherited through my socialisation. Sometimes I have dark sexual desires and fantasies, and I beat myself up about them psychologically. Imam Al Ghazlai says that Allah never introduces and evil to a man other than he places a good within it, and a sufi friend of mine once said that sometimes honey is found in dark places. The thing is Allah has permitted man certain rights, and as a muslim these rights may not be in keeping with 20th century western morality, at least the public one. Earlier today I had this very discussion with an African brother, while a British brother made comments about MI6. He was alluding to the SIS building being a pyramid, I had to correct him that MI6 resembled a ship in my opinion, and if I am not mistaken at the inception of 5 and 6 one was predominately Army the other Navy, and thus one could even hazard a guess that SIS is in fact the ship itself, The prieure if you will, and the people working within are surely the extended firm/s. Surely the Windsors are the present firm, and 6 employees on the whole from the old firms. So after my long walk in the sun, I came home shattered and slept, awaking with the memory of something that has reoccured in my mind. It is a vivid dream memory of walking through a valley/wadi coming out into an arabic village. I am pretty sure that this did not happen as a man, I have a sense that I am somehow younger, and the only time I can place it could have been was during a trip to Tunisia aged 6 in 1976. 1976 had significance to me some years ago during a trip to Manchester, the town of my birth. I attended an Islamic meeting as I recall, and left some documents from the first gulf war that a friend had given to me in a diary. I had grown a connection with a man who died in the year of my birth, that being Alexander of Tunisia, Colonel in Chief of the Irish Guards, the Irish Guards motto 'Quis Separabit' being the motto of my preparatory school. On the mentioned trip to Manchester I was delivered to a position on the outskirts of the city the street bearing the name of my prep school, that being Holmwood, and it was as a home to me, and as I have said my wood is my bond. So as a muslim I must remember that had I been born a bedouin, I would not struggle with my morality; and recalling the opening title of my first post which was from the book 'Dune' and my pretensions to being Duke Paul Atriedes 'He will know your ways as if he was born to them'.
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