Monday, August 29, 2005

Last night the Shaitan visited me.

I awoke in the night to feel a presence trying to mark my right hand. He said that I was recieving his mark, so I told him in no uncertain terms he was no friend of mine, and that I refused his mark as I knew what it meant, and signified. This morning I awoke did my wudu, and prayed my morning prayer. I do not need the mark of the beast to trade. I have knowledge of what it means, and that knowledge lead me to become muslim in 1993, I am hardly going to enter into a bargain with a shaitain after being freed from the slavery of Babylon 12 years ago. So what can I have done to bring the Christian shaitan to me? The only thing that I can think I did yesterday was read Sura Iklas over a man I believed might be dying. I tried to keep the old man close to me in the name of the God, but I felt that he may be drifting. I imagined that he was an Italian, whether from the Italian Temple in the north, or the Honourable society in the south. I imagined that as no priest was present a declaration of God's unity at the moment of dying might have released the old man from a whole life of incorrect indoctrination, free him to rest easily in his grave. If this old man had made a pact with someone, then that someone would not be very pleased with me that I released one who had been taught an incorrect doctrine. I'm sure that's why the shaitan visited me and tried to get me to enter into a bargain with him, even now I feel people thinking that I have the symbol of the sun in my right had, that of a crucified man, but I am muslim, my path to Islam that of a temple cleric, and in my right hand is the mark of no man, but the name of the infinite and absolute, Allah. Now the 'family' of this old man must elect a new leader from within their number, but it is now safe for them to know that the Temple is Islam, and so is the Honourable Society, from now on let water be poured over the brow, or a star with an utterance of Jehesuah, no longer a mark of a cross other than the cross of tetragrammaton, and let the words, there is no God but The God. Let the children of Adam grow in knowledge.

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