Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well about this Iran nuclear proramme thing. I personally think that Iran has a case for wanting Nuclear weapons. I mean in a perfect world, there'd be none of them, as fire is the punishment of Allah, but we are certainly not in a perfect world. A warning to the muslims would be that it is said that Pride belongs to Allah, and if one takes of that which belongs to Allah, then Allah will punish; thus be cautious in the use of Allah's punishment for it belongs to Allah alone. The UNSC was able to pass resolutions against Saddam primarily as a result of his aggression against his neighbours, and secondarily as he was producing weapons that could be used against said neighbours. So when did Iran invade a neighbour??? Now if I could speak directly to China, and probably also Russia I'd say that the US veto has been used time and time again to support a country that western powers assisted in procurring nuclear weapons, and I would ask them to follow their example when it comes to Iran. People will surely cry out 'This is MAD!!!' I reply exactly...Mutually Assured Destruction, and let me tell you the Israelis not only are not up to the standard of the Massada zealots, they are an insult to their memory. Let us hope negotiations can work.

(P.S. I'm sure the Chinese might even add to the West, we gave you people gunpowder and look what trouble you caused with that!!!!)

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