Saturday, September 17, 2005

Family Trees

I had someone cycle past me and whipser 'Duchy of Lancaster'. Well that would be Elizabeth II by my records. House of Lancaster is something entirely different. The Windsors would be the present 'firm' the older houses being as they say in bonnie Scotland; 'The old firms'. I recall someone whispering some time ago about my family tree being, now how can I phrase this, interesting. Most people have Aima/Mater as being a working class waiteress, and Abba/Pater as being absent. Myself, on the whole, I am far more interested in notable dead relatives from centuries back, especially when both Mater and Pater share certain lineages. I guess one could strike the metaphor of a double expresso. Shame I don't have access to my full tree as I have to study kinship this coming year, oh well, never mind it can stay 'eyes only'.

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