Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greek Fraternities/Sororities

This post is to kind of make sense of lots of conflicting ideas. I was recently chatting with some army personnel who seemed quite intent on running down 'chavs'. Thing is they do have a point, there is certainly a section of society which models itself on pseudo-american culture baseball caps etc. Now the best thing would be a revival of our own culture, but en lieu of that, I guess we must take this neo-imperialism to its natural end in order to combat it. So what I envisage is young disenfranchised 'white' British/European youth with ASBO's Probation orders etc.. What we need is to get them into work, with a better education, basically so in the future they are the best candidates in the workplace. It is only a minority that lack the basic skills, so what way forward for the 21st Century??? The answer is surely Fraternities and Sororities, and the accomadation that accompanies such an idea. We need Frat/Soror Houses with cheap rents that can get these kids of the streets, out of their folks hair, and into jobs and education, obviously with all mod cons. As I was thinking this I was passed by an African who looked at me with a look that said 'White Trash', thing is from an African I take that as affirmation I'm doing something, where did I leave my trailer ;)

(P.S. Commonwealth people resident in the U.K. don't petition me for any help.)

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