Thursday, September 22, 2005

Regarding 'Commonwealth' infiltra(i)tors

I recall an incident some years ago while I was at my public school. We were on exercise and some of the RAF section of our school CCF came along with the Army section. One of the cadets was from an origin within the old empire. At a suitable point some of the 'lads' decided that field interrogation was required. A rope was tied around the cadets feet and he was lynched feet first over a stream, allowing for 'dunking' inquisition style. The line of questioning as reported to me went something along the lines of 'How long have you 'Oompa Lumpas' being trying to infiltrate the forces of the United Kingdom???' Now of course with so many years passed its hard to remember who was responsible, and of course I was not present at the interrogation. Just a reminder to possible infiltra(i)tors what kind of response they can expect from the old school.

(P.S. People keep trying to tell me how much the old empire helped us in WWII. Thing is they were helping themselves, they weighed it up and pondered ties with the UK or slavery under the Japanese/N'sd'ies.)

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