Thursday, September 29, 2005

The British Museum

I am minded of the British museum as I will be paying a trip there in the near future. I am also minded of my FCO blog, and my general disdain for all things 'commonwealth'. I have never (well not since being into the Beatles in my teens, and subsequent research into 'Aryan' ideologies, ideolgies in the truest Marxist sense of the word!!!!) been into the pagan religions (pl.) of Al Hind. I recall a trip to that Museum with the descendant of a Maharajah, and having a friendship bracelet tied around my wrist. I thought it quaint at the time, but I shall not be bound by it, especially as the person who did the tying had equal disdain for the British Empire and I can only presume the 'commonwealth'. I have been thinking if the prophets were to find themselves in Al-Hind what they would do??? I am fairly sure it would include a stick and the smashing of idols, but hey I've been wrong before...Allah Alim.

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