Monday, September 26, 2005

The New Middle Ages

I just read some pages on the NWO, always good for a laugh. Lots of pseudo followers of Jeheshuah spouting about evil bloodlines controlling the world. Thing is these Judaeo-Christian 'I read my book upside down' types haven't got a clue. They speak about evil bloodlines etc, ant-christs, the number 666, and they have no clue what that all means. The thing is the Templar came back exclaiming 'Ya Allah', some even came back with Arab slaves, funny that female Arab slaves, it doesn't take a genius to work out who these women actually were, and the Judaeo-Christians had better be pretty careful who they call 'black-blooded'. So what is the real name of Europe in the new middle ages??? New Rome??? Babylon??? The EU??? or is it actually the Templar dream of the Caliphate of Europe, ready for the arrival of Imam Mahdi, and the prophet Jeheshuah. The prophecies of Muhammad said that the Muslims would fight the Christians an army of near a million, but of course the prophecy does not actually say who will be christian by that time. Most of those people of 'christian' ancestry from within christendom, will be safe within the Caliphate of Europe reading up on all the things they missed while the corrupt Judaeo-Christian leaders deceived them about the nature of the 700 year old Caliphate the Templar where trying to prepare. If you are Roman Catholic, I pray that The God gives you time to realise that the one who claims to have been crucified/sacrificed to save your souls, and risen like a sun does not decieve you. He will not deceive your learned clerics, and I would not be suprised if the Pope after Benedict declares, well wouldn't you know....the Templar and their muslim teachers were right all along....Alhamdulillah!!!!

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