Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Credit where credit is due.

I found a book on ebay yesterday that I have been trying to track down for around 10 years. I was sat with a muslim friend some years ago discussing the cosmos and such superficial ideas in his home. He produced a book he was reading called 'The Subatomic world in the Quran'. He said he would lend it to me when he had finished, but I left the town on a wander. So I was overjoyed to find that I would at last be able to read the book, recalling the brief explanation given to me by my friend as I flicked through the book. Having not pondered Ayat-Al Kursi or other verses in the Quran the finer details he was pointing out were lost on me. I did however recall the concept of Al-Quayyum as a self sustaining 'field' and this added to certain other factors, i.e. My reading of the Quran and hadith, my knowledge by qabbalah, conversations around the ideas to do with 'bubbleverses' and the concept of a silent Alif/Alef/Alpha have subsequently come to form the basis of my concept of Tawheed. I wrote to the seller on ebay thanking her for making the book available so I would eventually be able to read the author's work. Then today I noticed that the person selling the book was in fact the author, very peculiar. Now if the author turns out to be Ahmadi the appearance of the book will make sense. I guess if that's the case the Ahmadis are gonna be pretty annoyed I actually never read the book, but credit where credits due, it inspired my muslim brother and myself to a grand conversation, and there is a word for oral tradition....its called Qabbalah.

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