Saturday, June 04, 2005

Klans, Bloods, Crips, Nation of Islam, Clans, Temple, and the Sunnah.

So ok there's gonna be lots of people who know what I am about to say....but then there's gonna be some people who don't so I'll continue. I'm really prompted to write this as every day I hear some body call somebody else blood, and its making my blood let me tell you how this goes down in the USA, New Rome if you will.

We have the KKK, yeh we all know them the people in the southern 13, ghosts of the confederacy, who wear similar robes to Catholic penants in Europe. They call themself white Christian Knights, so lets just hope they understand Christianity as taught by Jeheshuah, not as some Roman rite of Sol Invictus. Maybe that's why they have to make penance!!!

Then on the West Coast we have two gangs, Bloods and Crips. Bloods are easy to work out, just think of the chalice in the Christian sacrament, Crips, well CRIP stands for Communist Revolutionary Islamic Party, they call each other Cuz (Cousin) and shouldn't take part in any Christian sacrament.

Nation of Islam began as a pro Afro-American pseudo Islamic movement under Elijah Muhammad. Not having ever chatted in depth with them I must refer to Malcom's biography where it is written that the N of I people Red met while in prison claimed that Allah was a man (astagfir Allah for the ignorant, Allah is far beyond that which they ascribe unto him!!!!)

Then we have the Clans, whether they be of Scotland, Ireland or England. Let's include all the pre Roman tribes with these....natives of Hyperboreas...bla bla bla....but you get the point...whatever the colour....blood of our blood.

Then we have the Temple, which was declared heretic by the throne and mitre of Rome...the accusation went 'you have become more Mohammadan than the Mohammadans themselves.' The Temple families know who they are...if you don't don't need to!

Then we have the Sunnah of the prophets....they declare 'No god but the God, and Mohammad, Jeheshuah, Moses, Solomon, David, Ibrahim, and the whole company of prophets were messengers and declared faith in the absolute and infinite!!!' Wherever you are from, whatever your blood, if believe in the One God that the prophets spoke of, then you're on the right you just gotta get your outside to match your inside. People say water is thicker than blood, yet the Quran tells us that everything that lives is gotten from water, so if we are talking universally...water is thicker than blood!!!!!

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