Sunday, June 05, 2005

Concerning the walled city, Avignon, and a call to arms!!!

It is said that the brotherhood hides Henri d'Avignon, the bringer of the true faith of Jeheshuah to that which was called Christendom. If Henri d'Avignon exists he is then as a brother amongst brothers, rather Avignon is a meeting of minds anti-papal; some with crowns, some with thrones, all with arms. For each region let there be noble men, noble by blood and by deed, and let the temple stand against that heresy which is the city on seven hills, and the blasphemy that is the risen sun, for we are sons of men, children of Adam.

The time we now enter is a new middle ages, though most will notice not, for they are under plebicite of the European Union, and should be safe therein.

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