Sunday, June 26, 2005

If I was a Boy from Brazil....

...and Dr Mengler (or his present day counterparts) tried to get inside my head....well I'd take a hammer and chisel open their heads, scoop out their brains and feed it to my dobermans. Lots of shrinks and neurobiologists in the world that are naught more than barber surgeons, damn primitives. Maybe if there were enough of them I could buy my own canning facility and start a brand....hmmm what could I call about 'Lorraine's Bioscientist Dogfood'

Kinda catchy???

Now If I was to put together a shopping list for my own personal Nemesis, it would be some files on civilian doctors and the case pertaining to me, a nice new H&K G36, a nice large ammo box, a sand bag to test the integrity of the ammo, a nice newly whitewashed wall, some UN observers with cameras, oh yeh and can GSG9 lend me some dogs??? Like they say if you want a job doing (and to know its been done!!!) do it yourself....

(P.S. I would still want to do this even if I was a Lancastrian, knowledge brings strength to the arm.)

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