Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The real heresy of the temple.

Right, let me set the scene its around 2000 years ago, a radical sect within the children of Israel is at work. We have a group of zealots called the sicari, and a prophet of Eloha, Jeheshuah, speaking and teaching the people. A plan is hatched by the corrupt prisethood intent on keeping their power. So how can the prophet be saved, a man is needed who has the air of the prophet, maybe a family member, a soldier of the christ. The next part is the most dangerous for they must change places, the prophet goes to the temple guards and leads them back to the soldier, the sicari, the Judas. His love for him is so great that a tear runs down his face, and he kisses his brother in thanks on his cheek. The guards lead off the sicari, and you know the rest...he is hung from a tree/cross, but a centurion pierces his side with the spear as his heart still beats, and he is taken down. Later Jehesuah is asked 'where have you been' to which he replies 'I have been as Jonah in the belly of the whale'. Later a man known as Judas changes his name to Thomas, meaning brother, not risen as a sun...risen as a star behind a cross.

You can see the problem that the Holy Office had with the Templar...

(P.S. 14/07/05 found a classic quote today on some pulp; 'It has served us well this myth of Christ - Pope Leo X, C16th', cited by Raymond Khoury in The last templar, Ziji Publishing, 2005)

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