Sunday, June 26, 2005

Gematria, and the sky blue.

I am gonna presume you at least have a basic knowledge of Gemetria and Qabbalah. So let us begin at the beginning. We have the Sephirothic Tree, comprising ten sephirah, from Malkuth the kingdom, raising to the crown of Adam, Kether, Shin, the descending spirit, the dove. As you ascend the tree you come to an abyss, whereupon is an invisible sephira, the eleventh, for some the crown of knowledge, Daath, and often they rise no further than believing 'There is no God'. Some do not even ascend this far lying on the cross of the lower 5 sephiroth, their head in Tipareth. As a brief interlude it is of interest to consider British Intelligence and the Gemetria of their names. We have MI5 (Internal security - Home Office) and MI6 (External Intelligence - Foreign Office), let us calculate by Gematria; MI5 = MIH = 40 + 10 + 5 = 55 = 10 = the lower and higher sephira the 10 from Malkuth to Kether, the Tree of Life, The temple within which we live so measure the temple you are within and the temple that is within you. MI6 =MIV = 40 + 10 + 6 = The lower and higher sephira and Daath, the Tree of Life, the temple, and knowledge of that which lies contra or outside the temple, as it were 'daemons and gentiles' and the space 'without'. Leading on from 56 and subsequently 55, we come across the idea of the 'goddess' considered to manifest as a triplicity. Now surely there is no god but the God, but let us ponder this concept of the 'goddess'; She is mother earth, sister moon, and space. Thelemites call space infinite, but only The God beyond the entire creation is infinite and absolute. The name thelemites use is Nuit or Nu, with any finite position within being known as hadit. So again let us ponder ourselves staring up at the night sky, and thinking NU, and calculate the gematria; NU = 50 + 6 = 56 = 11, again knowledge of that outside our temple, terra, the tree of life, earth. Now for sure the size of universe becomes apparent at night, its reverse the day, under the light of the sun hiding the universe from us, so let us reverse the name of space, NU, and as we look up at the blue sky let us think....UN. So now we understand the numbers 10, 11, 55, 56, let us move on in our minds to the end of the universe, where if science is correct matter is expanding from a big bang into a void, spherical if you will, and expanding bubble. But there must be a point at which matter has as of yet not reached, the void if you will. Well surrounding the tree it is said that there are three veils, Nothing, Limitless, and Limitless Light. It is as it were that when we perceive 'beyond' first we come to a concept of Nothing, then that becomes a field of possibility, within which are creation is a single possibility, then veiled from us is an infinite and abolute light, as the Muslims are taught one of the names of Allah is Al Nur, The Light. So let us consider AIN by gematria = 1 + 10 + 50 = 61, so even Zero is beyond our creation. So what of The Light, The God, that which encompasses and sustains our 'bubbleverse' and the negative drawn across the unseen world's beyond. Well Allah has many secrets within the name, by Gematria it is ALLH = 1 + 30 + 30 + 5 = 66, and so may be considered to be beyond our tree, space, the void, encompassing and sustaining all. The final letter of the name Ha corresponds to the number 5, a circle surrounding the creation, the first letter the silent Alif, having the number of '1' but one in a sense of absolute and infinite, as opposed to one that we can measure and perceive. The alif is considered in arabic to have no sound, being sounded by the accompanying vowel, and thus the silence is considered by Sufis to be representative of attributes that if all the oceans were ink would be drained if one was to attempt to write of Allah. As a subtext to this name let us think of what The God tells us about the 'Jews' and 'Christians' who have taken their Rabbis and Priests as Lords, and let us take the most famous Rabbi I can think of...Jeheshuah, Jehovah with the descending spirit of Allah/Eloha. Surely he was called Adonai by his followers, but this is not Lord as in the supreme King of Supreme Sovreignty, He who is alone in Majesty without partner. So let us again consider ADNI = 1 + 4 + 50 + 10 = 65, and thus this exalted Son of Man, as with all prophets, still has the Absolute and Infinite beyond him, Al Wahid, The Unique. When Mohammad, the seal of the prophets, the messenger who brought Allah's completion to the message of the prophets to mankind, was asked about The Throne (Al Arsh) and The Footstool (Al Kursi), (which may be considered to surround our 'bubbleverse', the space/sea around our island, earth) he took a ring from his finger saying 'consider this ring The Footstool, and if I cast down this ring into the desert within which we stand, then just as the ring is The Footstool, so is the edge of the desert is The Throne'. Surely in this there is parable and metaphor for any with wisdom, and surely Allah, the absolute and Infinite, is established in sovereignty over His throne. Now if you get this at all go get some paper and a pen, and it'll blow your mind....

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