Monday, June 27, 2005

London 2012?

Well the title is a tad deceptive, 'cause really this post has nothing to do with the Olympic Games (in fact I hope London doesn't get them) but it does kind of have something to do with games. Now the thing is it's 60 years since the whole Nazi thing in Germany, and relatively the average Jew did nothing to the Germans, like we all know Joseph the deli owner ended up in the camp, while the banker was far more likely to have escaped, and it was he that Hitler had the beef with. So lets get to the subject of British Nationalists and what they have had to put up with. I know as some years ago I was directed to engage in political activity, so I've kind of been at the receiving end of the political left trying to push the political right to the qabbalistic left, and to be honest on the whole I think despite of the conspiracy and provocation the political right have managed to exhibit the qabbalistic right adequately well. In fact I bet if you were to ask a survivor from the holocaust he'd say 'We never did anything like this to the Germans and look what happened to us'.

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