Monday, July 18, 2005

A waking dream....

I recall some time ago a member of our temple was taking a rest in what may euphemistically be referred to as a monastery, sat alone in a cell in contemplation. He was thinking about Russian Siberia and China, and the population problem that China has/will have, the resources in eastern Russia, and subsequently how these problems could end up with beneficial solutions. Along with this he pondered the snow covered waste lands, and how such lands could be heated and powered, whereupon he began to thing around the often cited goal of 'cold fusion'. What he came up with in theory was not cold fusion at all. Rather than an atomic process he envisaged a molecular process, where, water could be split into its elements i.e. Hydrogen and Oxygen, using less power than the recombination of the two elements would provide. In short if water could be split using a process that required less energy than used it would quite simply provide an invaluable energy source, given that upon recombination it would once more give the water molecule. Although his idea was basic, he believed that water reached a point during heating at which the molecule became unstable, and thus may be able to be split into constituant parts.

The waking dream is merely of two powers, members of the UNSC, and agents whom had communed with them some years ago about mutually beneficient cooperation. I believe the agents concerned go by the name of Blue November and Red Wood.

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