Tuesday, July 12, 2005


A man walked passed me today and the word I heard pass from his lips was 'hell'. Well which hell was he talking about??? Thing is I have faith that there is the hell, and pray that as many of humankind may be saved from its torment as possible by my Lord, Allah. But this word from the mans lips, he thought he spoke of hell, but I doubt he has ever had the mercy from Allah to feel its light touch leading one to right action. So lets get all public school on this, as we british certainly have pretensions toward classical education. Hell in the Greek is Hades, not a place of fire but an underworld, and surely in this there is metaphor. Clive Barker is more direct and plain when he refers to it as Midian in his book 'nightbreed'. I am minded of a story in the Quran of people that dwelt effectively outside the confines of our perception of time, they were called the people of the cave.

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