Saturday, July 23, 2005

Theseus and the labyrinth

I recall some 13 years ago when I was struggling through qabbalah and religious texts by myself, I began to feel the powers of darkness pulling me down. One never quite escapes the darkness, the whispering shaitan, I guess that that is part of being bound in clay, a son of Adam, only the absolute and infinite is perfect, Al Wahid. During this dark time I approached the house of an Anglican vicar, as at that time I was an Anglican. His suggestion was I spoke with a psychiatrist, no offer of a cup of tea, no room or even time at the inn, I was left to the mercy of shaitan and various pseudoscientists. All praise be to Allah that he cared enough for me to grant me guidance to a true faith, not some lie continued by supposed men of God. Now should the Church of England continue to teach their lies, may Allah be angry with them.

Theseus emerges from the labyrith the priest sent him into...

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