Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

For some years I have heard a whisper that the possibility stood that I had had a child by a beautiful girl I met while in Tenerife. We had a brief romance back in London, very close to Chelsea Barracks, which culminated with her leaving for Los Angeles. Now if the report is true, and the child was 'adopted', given she was a good 'catholic' girl of a spanish family of repute, I would wager the child either ended up adopted, or knowing the satanic machinations of the vatican, was handed as an orphan to the church. Well, if the child exists I claim my child, my blood, the church must hand him over immediately, and if they do not, well I'm sure they know what will happen!!! I'm sure provision can be made for him to come to England, better a child of a poor man, than an orphan. Better a freeman than a slave of Rome.

If I have to I shall despatch Templar.

Et in Arcadia Ego...the mystery is revealed.

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